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  1. fiber bundle, fibre bundle, fascicle, fasciculus(noun)

    a bundle of fibers (especially nerve fibers)


  1. fiber bundle(Noun)

    A topological space that, if one examines only a small part of it at a time, looks consistently like some product space


  1. Fiber bundle

    In mathematics, and particularly topology, a fiber bundle is intuitively a space which locally "looks" like a certain product space, but globally may have a different topological structure. Specifically, the similarity between the fiber bundle E and a product space B × F is defined using a continuous surjective map that in small regions of E behaves just like a projection from corresponding regions of B × F to B. The map π, called the projection or submersion of the bundle, is regarded as part of the structure of the bundle. The space E is known as the total space of the fiber bundle, B as the base space, and F the fiber. In the trivial case, E is just B × F, and the map π is just the projection from the product space to the first factor. This is called a trivial bundle. Examples of non-trivial fiber bundles, that is, bundles twisted in the large, include the Möbius strip and Klein bottle, as well as nontrivial covering spaces. Fiber bundles such as the tangent bundle of a manifold and more general vector bundles play an important role in differential geometry and differential topology, as do principal bundles. Mappings which factor over the projection map are known as bundle maps, and the set of fiber bundles forms a category with respect to such mappings. A bundle map from the base space itself to E is called a section of E. Fiber bundles can be generalized in a number of ways, the most common of which is requiring that the transition between the local trivial patches should lie in a certain topological group, known as the structure group, acting on the fiber F.


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