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  1. Hubert Santos:

    This defendant did not get a fair shake.

  2. David Oliver:

    The sport is at a point where there is no trust anywhere, clean athletes can't get a fair shake. If you see an amazing performance, people say,' ah they are probably dirty'.

  3. Travis Werths:

    If it goes bad, I think there's going to be a lot of people who drop out of the union, i think there's enough people who have had enough to where they don't feel like they're getting a fair shake.

  4. Ricky Schroder:

    I had to go there and do it because getting into the field with the soldiers and gaining the trust of the soldiers that you embed with is crucial and key, if you don’t have their trust and they don’t believe that what you're doing is a fair shake for them, they won’t give you that access, and they won’t give you the openness that you need to produce something like that.

  5. Edie Falco:

    She took her job seriously and she didn't always have to believe her clients were innocent, it was irrelevant to her. Her job was to prove them innocent until proven guilty. She took that very seriously and I respect that. It was not about how other people perceived her or how other people perceived her clients. She was going to, at least according to the law, give them a fair shake.

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