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Definitions for eradicateɪˈræd ɪˌkeɪt

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. eliminate, annihilate, extinguish, eradicate, wipe out, decimate, carry off(verb)

    kill in large numbers

    "the plague wiped out an entire population"

  2. uproot, eradicate, extirpate, root out, exterminate(verb)

    destroy completely, as if down to the roots

    "the vestiges of political democracy were soon uprooted" "root out corruption"


  1. eradicate(Verb)

    To pull up by the roots; to uproot.

  2. eradicate(Verb)

    To completely destroy; to put an end to; to extirpate.

  3. Origin: From eradicatus, past participle of eradico, from e- + radix. Also see: radish.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Eradicate(verb)

    to pluck up by the roots; to root up; as, an oak tree eradicated

  2. Eradicate(verb)

    to root out; to destroy utterly; to extirpate; as, to eradicate diseases, or errors

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Eradicate

    e-rad′i-kāt, v.t. to pull up by the roots: to destroy.—adj. Erad′icable, that may be eradicated.—p.adj. Erad′icāted, rooted up: (her.) said of a tree, or part of a tree, torn up by the roots.—n. Eradicā′tion, the act of eradicating: state of being eradicated.—adj. Erad′icātive, serving to eradicate or drive thoroughly away.—n. Erad′icātor. [L. eradicāre, to root out—e, out, radix, radicis, a root.]


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of eradicate in Chaldean Numerology is: 8

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of eradicate in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Timothy Sini:

    We are going to eradicate MS-13 from these communities.

  2. Lot Chakonza:

    This world shall not be at peace, unless we eradicate jealous first.

  3. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat:

    We must eradicate this behavior and bring those responsible to justice.

  4. Feng Jianqi:

    It's just not realistic to totally eradicate scalpers. It's just too hard.

  5. Robert Lee:

    Just the sheer amount of food that's being wasted is enough to eradicate hunger.

Images & Illustrations of eradicate

  1. eradicateeradicateeradicate

Translations for eradicate

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • изкоренявам, унищожавамBulgarian
  • auslöschen, ausrotten, ausmerzenGerman
  • ξεριζώνω, εξαλείφωGreek
  • ekstermi, elradikigiEsperanto
  • نابود کردن, ریشه‌کن کردن, از بین بردنPersian
  • juuria, tuhota, hävittääFinnish
  • éradiquerFrench
  • חיסלHebrew
  • 根刮ぎ, 根, 根絶Japanese
  • whakamōtī, haepapa, hoepapaMāori
  • ontwortelenDutch
  • wykorzenić, wytępićPolish
  • erradicar, exterminar, desenraizarPortuguese
  • выкорчёвывать, уничтожить, искоренять, искоренить, истреблять, истребить, выкорчевать, уничтожатьRussian
  • iskorenitiSerbo-Croatian
  • dra upp, tillintetgöra, utrotaSwedish
  • ถอนราก, ทำลายให้สิ้น, ถอนรากถอนโคนThai
  • triệt hạ, xóa sạch, trừ tiệtVietnamese

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