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Definitions for enthalpyˈɛn θæl pi, ɛnˈθæl-

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. heat content, total heat, enthalpy, H(noun)

    (thermodynamics) a thermodynamic quantity equal to the internal energy of a system plus the product of its volume and pressure

    "enthalpy is the amount of energy in a system capable of doing mechanical work"


  1. enthalpy(Noun)

    In thermodynamics, a measure of the heat content of a chemical or physical system.

    uE000147219uE001, where H is enthalpy, U is internal energy, p is pressure, and V is volume.

  2. Origin: From ἐνθάλπω.


  1. Enthalpy

    Enthalpy is a measure of the total energy of a thermodynamic system. It includes the internal energy, which is the energy required to create a system, and the amount of energy required to make room for it by displacing its environment and establishing its volume and pressure. Enthalpy is a thermodynamic potential. It is a state function and an extensive quantity. The unit of measurement for enthalpy in the International System of Units is the joule, but other historical, conventional units are still in use, such as the British thermal unit and the calorie. The enthalpy is the preferred expression of system energy changes in many chemical, biological, and physical measurements, because it simplifies certain descriptions of energy transfer. Enthalpy change accounts for energy transferred to the environment at constant pressure through expansion or heating. The total enthalpy, H, of a system cannot be measured directly. Thus, change in enthalpy, ΔH, is a more useful quantity than its absolute value. The change ΔH is positive in endothermic reactions, and negative in heat-releasing exothermic processes. ΔH of a system is equal to the sum of non-mechanical work done on it and the heat supplied to it.


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    The numerical value of enthalpy in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

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