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Princeton's WordNet

  1. end, terminalnoun

    either extremity of something that has length

    "the end of the pier"; "she knotted the end of the thread"; "they rode to the end of the line"; "the terminals of the anterior arches of the fornix"

  2. end, endingnoun

    the point in time at which something ends

    "the end of the year"; "the ending of warranty period"

  3. end, last, final stagenoun

    the concluding parts of an event or occurrence

    "the end was exciting"; "I had to miss the last of the movie"

  4. goal, endnoun

    the state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve and that (when achieved) terminates behavior intended to achieve it

    "the ends justify the means"

  5. endnoun

    a final part or section

    "we have given it at the end of the section since it involves the calculus"; "Start at the beginning and go on until you come to the end"

  6. end, destruction, deathnoun

    a final state

    "he came to a bad end"; "the so-called glorious experiment came to an inglorious end"

  7. endnoun

    the surface at either extremity of a three-dimensional object

    "one end of the box was marked `This side up'"

  8. endnoun

    (football) the person who plays at one end of the line of scrimmage

    "the end managed to hold onto the pass"

  9. endnoun

    a boundary marking the extremities of something

    "the end of town"

  10. endnoun

    one of two places from which people are communicating to each other

    "the phone rang at the other end"; "both ends wrote at the same time"

  11. endnoun

    the part you are expected to play

    "he held up his end"

  12. conclusion, end, close, closing, endingnoun

    the last section of a communication

    "in conclusion I want to say..."

  13. end, remainder, remnant, oddmentnoun

    a piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold

  14. endverb

    (American football) a position on the line of scrimmage

    "no one wanted to play end"

  15. end, stop, finish, terminate, ceaseverb

    have an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense; either spatial or metaphorical

    "the bronchioles terminate in a capillary bed"; "Your rights stop where you infringe upon the rights of other"; "My property ends by the bushes"; "The symphony ends in a pianissimo"

  16. end, terminateverb

    bring to an end or halt

    "She ended their friendship when she found out that he had once been convicted of a crime"; "The attack on Poland terminated the relatively peaceful period after WW I"

  17. end, terminateverb

    be the end of; be the last or concluding part of

    "This sad scene ended the movie"

  18. endverb

    put an end to

    "The terrible news ended our hopes that he had survived"


  1. Endnoun

    A key that when pressed causes the cursor to go to the last character of the current line.

  2. Etymology: From enden, endien, from endian, from andiōnan, from ant-. Cognate with einden, enden, enda.

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. ENDnoun

    Etymology: end, Saxon.

    Jonathan put forth the end of the rod that was in his hand, and dipt it in a honeycomb. 1 Sam. xiv. 27.

    The extremity and bounds of all bodies we have no difficulty to arrive at; but, when the mind is there, it finds nothing to hinder its progress into this endless expansion: of that it can neither find, nor conceive any end. John Locke.

    If the world’s age and death be argu’d well
    By the sun’s fall, which now tow’rds earth doth bend,
    Then we might fear that virtue, since she fell
    So low as woman, should be near her end. John Donne.

    Jacob had made an end of commanding his sons. Gen. xlix.

    Yet vainly most their age in study spend;
    No end of writing books, and to no end. John Denham.

    The causes and designs of an action are the beginning: the effects of these causes, and the difficulties that are met with in the execution of these designs, are the middle; and the unravelling and resolution of these difficulties, are the end. Alexander Pope, View of Epic Poem.

    They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their wits end. Ps. cvii. 27.

    My guilt be on my head, and there’s an end! William Shakespeare.

    I determine to write the life and the end, the nature and the fortunes of George Villiers. Henry Wotton.

    The soul receives intelligence,
    By her near genius, of the body’s end,
    And so imparts a sadness to the sense. Samuel Daniel, Civil War.

    ’Tis the great business of life to fit ourselves for our end, and no man can live well that has not death in his eye. Roger L'Estrange.

    Remember Milo’s end,
    Wedg’d in that timber which he strove to rend. Wentworth Dillon.

    My God, my father, and my friend,
    Do not forsake me in my end. Wentworth Dillon.

    Unblam’d through life, lamented in thy end. Alexander Pope.

    There would be an end of all civil government, if the assignment of civil power were by such institution. John Locke.

    Take heed you dally not before your king,
    Lest he that is the supreme king of kings,
    Confound your hidden falshood, and award
    Either of you to be the other’s end. William Shakespeare, Richard III.

    O, that a man might know
    The end of this day’s business ere it come!
    But it sufficeth that the day will end. William Shakespeare, Jul. Cæsar.

    The end of these things is death. Rom. vi. 21.

    Thus I cloathe my naked villany
    With old odd ends, stol’n forth of Holy Writ,
    And seem a saint. William Shakespeare, Richard III.

    There was a purpose to reduce the monarchy to a republick, which was far from the end and purpose of that nation. Edward Hyde.

    I have lov’d!
    What can thy ends, malicious beauty, be?
    Can he who kill’d thy brother, live for thee? John Dryden, Ind. Em.

    Heav’n, as its instrument, my courage sends;
    Heav’n ne’er sent those who fight for private ends. Dryden.

    Others are apt to attribute them to some false end or intention. Joseph Addison, Spectator, №. 255.

    Wisdom may have framed one and the same thing to serve commodiously for divers ends, and of those ends any one may be sufficient cause for continuance, though the rest have ceased. Richard Hooker, b. v. s. 42.

    All those things which are done by him, have some end for which they are done; and the end for which they are done, is a reason of his will to do them. Richard Hooker, b. i. s. 2.

    Her only end is never-ending bliss;
    Which is, the eternal face of God to see,
    Who last of ends, and first of causes is;
    And to do this, she must eternal be. Davies.

    The end of the commandment is charity. 1 Tim. i. 5.

    Two things I shall propound to you, as ends; since the wise men of this world have made them theirs. John Suckling.

    Such conditions did fully comply with all those ends, for which the parliament had first taken up arms. Edward Hyde.

    Hear and mark
    To what end I have brought thee hither, and shewn
    All this fair sight. John Milton, Paradise Regained, b. iii.

    Life, with my Indamora, I would chuse;
    But, losing her, the end of living lose. John Dryden, Aurengz.

    For when success a lover’s toil attends,
    Few ask if fraud or force attain’d his ends. Alexander Pope.

    The end of our fast is to please God, and make him propitious. George Smalridge, Sermons.

    Stay’st thou to vex me here?
    Slave, that, still an end, turns me to shame. William Shakespeare.

  2. To Endverb

    Etymology: from the noun.

    That but this blow
    Might be the be-all, and the end-all. William Shakespeare, Macbeth.

    He would in one battle end quarrel with them, either win or lose the empire. Richard Knolles, History of the Turks.

    That expensive war under which we have so long groaned, is not yet ended. George Smalridge, Sermons.

    The lord of Stafford dear to-day hath bought
    Thy likeness; for instead of thee, king Harry,
    This sword hath ended him. William Shakespeare, Henry IV.

  3. To Endverb

    Yet happy were my death, mine ending blest,
    If this I could obtain, that, breast to breast,
    Thy bosom might receive my yielded spright. Edward Fairfax, b. ii.

    Then ease your weary Trojans will attend,
    And the long labours of your voyage end. John Dryden, Æn.

    Our laughing, if it be loud and high, commonly ends in a deep sigh; and all the instances of pleasure have a sting in the tail. Jeremy Taylor, Rule of living holy.

    His sovereignty, built upon either of these titles, could not have descended to his heir, but must have ended with him. John Locke.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Endnoun

    the extreme or last point or part of any material thing considered lengthwise (the extremity of breadth being side); hence, extremity, in general; the concluding part; termination; close; limit; as, the end of a field, line, pole, road; the end of a year, of a discourse; put an end to pain; -- opposed to beginning, when used of anything having a first part

  2. Endnoun

    point beyond which no procession can be made; conclusion; issue; result, whether successful or otherwise; conclusive event; consequence

  3. Endnoun

    termination of being; death; destruction; extermination; also, cause of death or destruction

  4. Endnoun

    the object aimed at in any effort considered as the close and effect of exertion; ppurpose; intention; aim; as, to labor for private or public ends

  5. Endnoun

    that which is left; a remnant; a fragment; a scrap; as, odds and ends

  6. Endnoun

    one of the yarns of the worsted warp in a Brussels carpet

  7. Endverb

    to bring to an end or conclusion; to finish; to close; to terminate; as, to end a speech

  8. Endverb

    to form or be at the end of; as, the letter k ends the word back

  9. Endverb

    to destroy; to put to death

  10. Endverb

    to come to the ultimate point; to be finished; to come to a close; to cease; to terminate; as, a voyage ends; life ends; winter ends

  11. Etymology: [OE. & AS. ende; akin to OS. endi, D. einde, eind, OHG. enti, G. ende, Icel. endir, endi, Sw. nde, Dan. ende, Goth. andeis, Skr. anta. 208. Cf. Ante-, Anti-, Answer.]


  1. End

    An end in American football is a player who lines up at either end of the line of scrimmage. Rules state that a legal offensive formation must always consist of seven players on the line of scrimmage. An end who lines up close to the offensive line is known as a tight end, while one who lines up some distance from the offensive line is known as a split end. In recent years, the generic term wide receiver has come to define both split ends and flankers. The terms “split end” and “flanker” are no longer in common usage. There is a commonly used position on the defense called the defensive end. However, as there are no rules regulating the formation of the defense, players at this position commonly take on and share multiple roles with other positions in different defensive schemes. Before the advent of two platoons, in which teams fielded distinct defensive and offensive units, players that lined up on the ends of the line on both offense and defense were referred to simply as "ends".

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Surnames Frequency by Census Records

  1. END

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, End is ranked #82317 in terms of the most common surnames in America.

    The End surname appeared 229 times in the 2010 census and if you were to sample 100,000 people in the United States, approximately 0 would have the surname End.

    93.4% or 214 total occurrences were White.
    5.2% or 12 total occurrences were of Hispanic origin.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'end' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #201

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'end' in Written Corpus Frequency: #244

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'end' in Nouns Frequency: #33

  4. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'end' in Verbs Frequency: #141

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of end in Chaldean Numerology is: 5

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of end in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5

Examples of end in a Sentence

  1. Yar Chaikovsky:

    This legislation will end the tsunami of false marking lawsuits, according to many experts. It’s a win for all corporations that make products. It’s a win for the American economy.”

  2. Madame de Maintenon:

    Who would venture upon the journey of life, if compelled to begin it at the end?

  3. Ben Luckock:

    The flat price had the best it's going have this year. We're bearish until year-end.

  4. Memo Fachino:

    We live at the end of a cul-de-sac, so it's not like hundreds of people drive by our home or anything.

  5. Michael Quatch:

    Actually when they came and saw us, Lillian Grace was already having about 25 seizures per hour, so it was kind of shocking on our end.

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Translations for end

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • نِهاية, أنهى, انتهي, فرغ, أتممArabic
  • аҙаҡBashkir
  • край, кане́ц, канча́ць, зака́нчваць, ско́нчыцьBelarusian
  • смърт, край, приключвам, завършвамBulgarian
  • diwezh, echuiñBreton
  • fi, final, acabarCatalan, Valencian
  • smrt, konec, končit, dokončit, dokončovatCzech
  • diweddWelsh
  • afslutning, endeDanish
  • Tod, Schluss, Ende, beenden, endenGerman
  • nuwuwuEwe
  • άκρο, σκοπός, λήξη, τέλος, τέρμα, πέρας, άκρη, τελειώνω, λήγωGreek
  • finoEsperanto
  • muerte, fin, terminar, acabar, finalizar, finirSpanish
  • lõpp, lõppema, lõpetamaEstonian
  • پایان, آخر, انتها, تمام کردن, تمام شدنPersian
  • loppu, pää, lopettaa, loppuaFinnish
  • extrémité, fin, bout, terminer, finirFrench
  • einWestern Frisian
  • eàrrScottish Gaelic
  • finGalician
  • קצה, סוף, נגמרHebrew
  • अंत, अंत करना, ख़त्म करना, ख़त्म होनाHindi
  • vég, befejeződikHungarian
  • ծայր, վերջ, վերջացնել, վերջանալArmenian
  • ujung, akhir, habis, selesai, tamatIndonesian
  • fino, finarIdo
  • fine, finireItalian
  • 終了, 端, 最期, 結果, 到達点, 最後, 結末, 終わり, 終い, ご臨終, 終える, 終う, 終わるJapanese
  • ბოლოს, დამთავრება, მორჩენაGeorgian
  • 끝, 끝내다, 완성하다, 끝나다, 종료하다, 종료Korean
  • dawî, kutahî, xilasî, dûmahî, talî, qedandin, bi dawî anîn, bi dawî hatin, qedînKurdish
  • finis, extremum, extremus, finalitas, exitus, peractio, terminus, finior, termino, finem habeo, finio, terminorLatin
  • EnnLuxembourgish, Letzeburgesch
  • ຈົບLao
  • galas, pabaigaLithuanian
  • gals, beigasLatvian
  • цел, крај, смрт, свр́ши, за́врши, завршиMacedonian
  • tmiem, għeluqMaltese
  • einde, uiteinde, einden, beëindigen, ophouden, eindigenDutch
  • slutt, ende, terminere, avslutte, slutteNorwegian
  • finOccitan
  • koniec, śmierć, meta, kończyć, skończyć, zakończyćPolish
  • cabo, fim, término, acabar, concluir, finalizar, findar, terminar, finalPortuguese
  • fegn, finRomansh
  • capăt, terminație, sfârșit, sfârși, terminaRomanian
  • край, энд, коне́ц, смерть, ко́нчиться, заверша́ть, зака́нчиваться, зако́нчить, око́нчиться, конча́ться, зака́нчивать, зако́нчиться, заверши́ть, око́нчить, конецRussian
  • finis, fini, fineSardinian
  • крај, smrt, kraj, смрт, завршити, završiti, svršiti, свршитиSerbo-Croatian
  • cieľ, koniec, skončiť, ukončiťSlovak
  • konec, cilj, končatiSlovene
  • mbaronAlbanian
  • ände, slut, död, sluta, ändaSwedish
  • mwisho, tamati, daliSwahili
  • จบThai
  • katapusan, dulo, kamatayan, wakas, tapusin, mataposTagalog
  • son, ölüm, bitmekTurkish
  • край, кіне́ць, кінча́ти, закі́нчити, скі́нчити, закі́нчувати, кінецьUkrainian
  • انت, ختم ہونا, ختم کرنا, آخرUrdu
  • kết thúc, làm xong, kết liễu, hoàn thànhVietnamese
  • dibout, fén, coronWalloon
  • 結束Chinese

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