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Definitions for electrolyteɪˈlɛk trəˌlaɪt

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. electrolyte(noun)

    a solution that conducts electricity

    "the proper amount and distribution of electrolytes in the body is essential for health"


  1. electrolyte(Noun)

    a substance that, in solution or when molten, ionizes and conducts electricity

  2. electrolyte(Noun)

    any of the various ions (such as sodium or chloride) that regulate the electric charge on cells and the flow of water across their membranes

Webster Dictionary

  1. Electrolyte(noun)

    a compound decomposable, or subjected to decomposition, by an electric current

  2. Origin: [Electro- + Gr. a dissoluble: cf. F. lectrolyte.]


  1. Electrolyte

    An electrolyte is a compound that ionises when dissolved in suitable ionising solvents such as water. This includes most soluble salts, acids, and bases. Some gases, such as hydrogen chloride, under conditions of high temperature or low pressure can also function as electrolytes. Electrolyte solutions can also result from the dissolution of some biological and synthetic polymers, termed polyelectrolytes, which contain charged functional groups. Electrolyte solutions are normally formed when a salt is placed into a solvent such as water and the individual components dissociate due to the thermodynamic interactions between solvent and solute molecules, in a process called solvation. For example, when table salt, NaCl, is placed in water, the salt dissolves into its component ions, according to the dissociation reaction+− It is also possible for substances to react with water producing ions, e.g., carbon dioxide gas dissolves in water to produce a solution which contains hydronium, carbonate, and hydrogen carbonate ions. Note that molten salts can be electrolytes as well. For instance, when sodium chloride is molten, the liquid conducts electricity.

The Standard Electrical Dictionary

  1. Electrolyte

    A body susceptible of decomposition by the electric current, and capable of electrolytic conduction. It must be a fluid body and therefore capable of diffusion, and composite in composition. An elemental body cannot be an electrolyte.


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  1. Gina Sam:

    Potassium is an important electrolyte for proper muscle movement.

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