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  1. Elam, Susiana(noun)

    an ancient country in southwestern Asia to the east of the Tigris River (in what is modern Iran); was known for its warlike people


  1. Elam(ProperNoun)

    an ancient civilization established in what is now south-western Iran before 3000 BC; its capital was Susa and its inhabitants were Elamites; known in classical times as Susiana


  1. Elam

    Elam was an ancient civilization centered in the far west and southwest of modern-day Iran, stretching from the lowlands of what is now Khuzestan and Ilam Province, as well as a small part of southern Iraq. The modern name Elam is a transcription from Biblical Hebrew, corresponding to the Sumerian elam, the Akkadian elamtu, and the Elamite haltamti. Elamite states were among the leading political forces of the ancient near east. In classical literature, Elam was more often referred to as Susiana, a name derived from its capital, Susa. However, Susiana is not synonymous with Elam, and in its early history was a distinctly separate cultural and political entity. Situated just to the east of Mesopotamia, Elam was part of the early urbanization during the Chalcolithic period. The emergence of written records from around 3000 BC also parallels Mesopotamian history, where slightly earlier records have been found. In the Old Elamite period, Elam consisted of kingdoms on the Iranian plateau, centered in Anshan, and from the mid-2nd millennium BC, it was centered in Susa in the Khuzestan lowlands. Its culture played a crucial role in the short lived Gutian Empire of the 22nd century BC, and from the 6th century BC, during the Persian Achaemenid dynasty that succeeded Elam, when the Elamite language remained among those in official use. Elamite is generally accepted to be a language isolate.

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  1. amel, Elma, lame, lamé, leam, lema, male, Malé, meal


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    The numerical value of elam in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

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    The numerical value of elam in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

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