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Princeton's WordNet

  1. olive drab, drab(adj)

    a dull greyish to yellowish or light olive brown

  2. drab, dreary(adj)

    lacking in liveliness or charm or surprise

    "her drab personality"; "life was drab compared with the more exciting life style overseas"; "a series of dreary dinner parties"

  3. drab, sober, somber, sombre(adj)

    lacking brightness or color; dull

    "drab faded curtains"; "sober Puritan grey"; "children in somber brown clothes"

  4. olive-drab, drab(adj)

    of a light brownish green color

  5. blue, dark, dingy, disconsolate, dismal, gloomy, grim, sorry, drab, drear, dreary(adj)

    causing dejection

    "a blue day"; "the dark days of the war"; "a week of rainy depressing weather"; "a disconsolate winter landscape"; "the first dismal dispiriting days of November"; "a dark gloomy day"; "grim rainy weather"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Drab(noun)

    a low, sluttish woman

  2. Drab(noun)

    a lewd wench; a strumpet

  3. Drab(noun)

    a wooden box, used in salt works for holding the salt when taken out of the boiling pans

  4. Drab(verb)

    to associate with strumpets; to wench

  5. Drab(noun)

    a kind of thick woolen cloth of a dun, or dull brownish yellow, or dull gray, color; -- called also drabcloth

  6. Drab(noun)

    a dull brownish yellow or dull gray color

  7. Drab(adj)

    of a color between gray and brown

  8. Drab(noun)

    a drab color

  9. Origin: [F. drap cloth: LL. drappus, trapus, perh. orig., a firm, solid stuff, cf. F. draper to drape, also to full cloth; prob. of German origin; cf. Icel. drepa to beat, strike, AS. drepan, G. treffen; perh. akin to E. drub. Cf. Drape, Trappings.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Drab

    drab, n. a low, sluttish woman: a whore.—v.i. to associate with bad women.—ns. Drab′ber, one who herds with drabs; Drab′biness.—adjs. Drab′bish, Drab′by, sluttish. [Celt.; Gael. drabag; Ir. drabog, slut.]

  2. Drab

    drab, n. thick, strong, gray cloth: a gray or dull-brown colour, perh. from the muddy colour of undyed wool. [Fr. drap, cloth—Low L. drappus, prob. Teut.]

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Translations for drab

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  • eднообразeн, курва, сив, проститутка, скученBulgarian
  • lutka, lunttuFinnish
  • drabeFrench
  • sciatta, tessuto, scialbo, grigio, sciatto, drappoItalian
  • spălăcitRomanian
  • тусклый, проститутка, однообразныйRussian
  • 單調Chinese

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