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Princeton's WordNet

  1. docket(noun)

    (law) the calendar of a court; the list of cases to be tried or a summary of the court's activities

  2. agenda, docket, schedule(verb)

    a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to

  3. docket(verb)

    place on the docket for legal action

    "Only 5 of the 120 cases docketed were tried"

  4. docket(verb)

    make a summary or abstract of a legal document and inscribe it in a list


  1. docket(Noun)

    A summary; a brief digest.

  2. docket(Noun)

    A short entry of the proceedings of a court; the register containing them; the office containing the register.

  3. docket(Noun)

    A schedule of cases awaiting action in a court.

  4. docket(Noun)

    An agenda of things to be done.

  5. docket(Noun)

    A ticket or label fixed to something, showing its contents or directions to its use.

  6. docket(Verb)

    To make an entry in a docket.

  7. docket(Verb)

    To label a parcel etc.

  8. Origin: Origin uncertain; perhaps a diminutive of dock.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Docket(noun)

    a small piece of paper or parchment, containing the heads of a writing; a summary or digest

  2. Docket(noun)

    a bill tied to goods, containing some direction, as the name of the owner, or the place to which they are to be sent; a label

  3. Docket(noun)

    an abridged entry of a judgment or proceeding in an action, or register or such entries; a book of original, kept by clerks of courts, containing a formal list of the names of parties, and minutes of the proceedings, in each case in court

  4. Docket(noun)

    a list or calendar of causes ready for hearing or trial, prepared for the use of courts by the clerks

  5. Docket(noun)

    a list or calendar of business matters to be acted on in any assembly

  6. Docket(verb)

    to make a brief abstract of (a writing) and indorse it on the back of the paper, or to indorse the title or contents on the back of; to summarize; as, to docket letters and papers

  7. Docket(verb)

    to make a brief abstract of and inscribe in a book; as, judgments regularly docketed

  8. Docket(verb)

    to enter or inscribe in a docket, or list of causes for trial

  9. Docket(verb)

    to mark with a ticket; as, to docket goods

  10. Origin: [Dock to cut off + dim. suffix -et.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Docket

    dok′et, n. a summary of a larger writing: a bill or ticket affixed to anything: a label: a list or register of cases in court.—v.t. to make a summary of the heads of a writing: to enter in a book: to mark the contents of papers on the back:—pr.p. dock′eting; pa.p. dock′eted. [Dim. of dock, to curtail; sometimes docquet, as if French.]


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    The numerical value of docket in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of docket in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Mark Rosekind:

    You'll probably look for action very soon after the docket closes (on July 17).

  2. Ed Ferenc:

    We are ready, we'll have staff here till 1 a.m. If we have to do a docket at 10:30 at night, we'll do it.

  3. Kate Comerford Todd:

    This is an area of the court's docket we have been pushing and trying to encourage the court to push back the worst abuses of the class action tool.

  4. Robert Hilliard:

    Should we have obtained a billion-dollar verdict in the first trial, we would still be working on ways to resolve the entire docket, quickly and efficiently.

  5. Judge Christopher Sontchi on Thursday:

    The docket is not the place for statements, these type of statements, to the extent it's appropriate, could have been made in open court. Witnesses could have been cross-examined.

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