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Definitions for dispersiondɪˈspɜr ʒən, -ʃən

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. dispersion, scattering(noun)

    spreading widely or driving off

  2. distribution, dispersion(noun)

    the spatial or geographic property of being scattered about over a range, area, or volume

    "worldwide in distribution"; "the distribution of nerve fibers"; "in complementary distribution"

  3. dispersion, dispersal, dissemination, diffusion(noun)

    the act of dispersing or diffusing something

    "the dispersion of the troops"; "the diffusion of knowledge"


  1. dispersion(Noun)

    The state of being dispersed; dispersedness.

  2. dispersion(Noun)

    A process of dispersing.

  3. dispersion(Noun)

    The degree of scatter of data.

  4. dispersion(Noun)

    The separation of visible light by refraction or diffraction.

  5. dispersion(Noun)

    The removal of inflammation.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Dispersion(noun)

    the act or process of scattering or dispersing, or the state of being scattered or separated; as, the Jews in their dispersion retained their rites and ceremonies; a great dispersion of the human family took place at the building of Babel

  2. Dispersion(noun)

    the separation of light into its different colored rays, arising from their different refrangibilities

  3. Origin: [CF. F. dispersion.]


  1. Dispersion

    In optics, dispersion is the phenomenon in which the phase velocity of a wave depends on its frequency, or alternatively when the group velocity depends on the frequency. Media having such a property are termed dispersive media. Dispersion is sometimes called chromatic dispersion to emphasize its wavelength-dependent nature, or group-velocity dispersion to emphasize the role of the group velocity. Dispersion is most often described for light waves, but it may occur for any kind of wave that interacts with a medium or passes through an inhomogeneous geometry, such as sound waves. A material's dispersion is measured by its Abbe number, V, with low Abbe numbers corresponding to strong dispersion.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Dispersion

    dis-pėr′shun, n. a scattering, or state of being scattered: (med.) the removal of inflammation: (opt.) the separation of light into its different rays: the Diaspora (q.v.).

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

  1. dispersion

    1. A scattered pattern of hits around the mean point of impact of bombs and projectiles dropped or fired under identical conditions. 2. In antiaircraft gunnery, the scattering of shots in range and deflection about the mean point of explosion. 3. The spreading or separating of troops, materiel, establishments, or activities which are usually concentrated in limited areas to reduce vulnerability. 4. In chemical and biological operations, the dissemination of agents in liquid or aerosol form. 5. In airdrop operations, the scatter of personnel and/or cargo on the drop zone. 6. In naval control of shipping, the reberthing of a ship in the periphery of the port area or in the vicinity of the port for its own protection in order to minimize the risk of damage from attack. See also circular error probable; convoy dispersal point; delivery error; deviation; dispersion error; horizontal error.


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of dispersion in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

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    The numerical value of dispersion in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Daniel J. Boorstin:

    Knowledge is not simply another commodity. On the contrary. Knowledge is never used up. It increases by diffusion and grows by dispersion.

  2. William Hobbs:

    Earnings dispersion is going to pick up mainly because of energy, there will certainly be some sectors in the U.S. which will hurt from the stronger dollar, but that will be more of an immediate ...impact.

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