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Princeton's WordNet

  1. dexter(adj)

    on or starting from the wearer's right


  1. dexter(Noun)

    The right side of a shield from the wearer's standpoint, and the left side to the viewer.

  2. dexter(Noun)

    right hand

  3. dexter(Adjective)

    Right; on the right-hand side.

  4. Dexter(ProperNoun)

    for a female dyer.

  5. Dexter(ProperNoun)

    Any of a number of places in the U.S.A. and Canada, named for persons with the surname.

  6. Dexter(ProperNoun)

    transferred from the surname.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Dexter(adj)

    pertaining to, or situated on, the right hand; right, as opposed to sinister, or left

  2. Dexter(adj)

    on the right-hand side of a shield, i. e., towards the right hand of its wearer. To a spectator in front, as in a pictorial representation, this would be the left side

  3. Origin: [Prob. so named after the original breeder.]


  1. Dexter

    Dexter is an American television drama series which debuted on Showtime on October 1, 2006. The series centers on Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter pattern analyst for a fictional Miami Metro Police Department who also leads a secret life as a serial killer. Set in Miami, the show's first season was largely based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter, the first of the Dexter series novels by Jeff Lindsay. It was adapted for television by screenwriter James Manos, Jr., who wrote the first episode. Subsequent seasons have evolved independently of Lindsay's works. In February 2008, reruns began to air on CBS, although the reruns on CBS ended after one run of the first season. The series has enjoyed wide critical acclaim and popularity. Season 4 aired its season finale on December 13, 2009 to a record-breaking audience of 2.6 million viewers, making it the most-watched original series episode ever on Showtime. Michael C. Hall has received several awards and nominations for his portrayal of Dexter, including a Golden Globe. On November 18, 2011, it was announced that Dexter had been renewed for two more seasons. Season 7 premiered on September 30, 2012. The Season 7 premiere was the most watched Dexter episode ever with over 3 million viewers.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Dexter

    deks′tėr, adj. on the right-hand side: right: (her.) of that side of the shield on the right-hand side of the wearer, to the spectator's left.—n. Dexter′ity, right-handedness: cleverness: readiness and skill: adroitness.—adjs. Dex′terous, Dex′trous, right-handed: adroit: subtle.—adv. Dex′terously.—n. Dex′terousness.—adj. Dex′tral, right, as opposed to left.—n. Dextral′ity, right-handedness.—adv. Dex′trally.—adjs. Dex′tro-gȳ′rate, causing to turn to the right hand; Dex′trorse, Dextror′sal, rising from right to left. [L. dexter; Gr. dexios, Sans. dakshina, on the right, on the south.]

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