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Definitions for depositionˌdɛp əˈzɪʃ ən, ˌdi pə-

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. deposition, deposit(noun)

    the natural process of laying down a deposit of something

  2. deposition(noun)

    (law) a pretrial interrogation of a witness; usually conducted in a lawyer's office

  3. deposit, deposition(noun)

    the act of putting something somewhere

  4. deposition, dethronement(noun)

    the act of deposing someone; removing a powerful person from a position or office


  1. deposition(Noun)

    The removal of someone from office.

  2. deposition(Noun)

    The act of depositing material, especially by a natural process; the resultant deposit.

  3. deposition(Noun)

    The production of a thin film of material onto an existing surface.

  4. deposition(Noun)

    The process of taking sworn testimony out of court; the testimony so taken.

  5. deposition(Noun)

    The formation of snow or frost directly from water vapor.

  6. deposition(Noun)

    The transformation of a gas into a solid without an intermediate liquid phase (reverse of sublimation)

  7. deposition(Noun)

    The formal placement of relics in a church or shrine, and the feast day commemorating it.

  8. Deposition(ProperNoun)

    The removal of Jesus from the cross.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Deposition(noun)

    the act of depositing or deposing; the act of laying down or thrown down; precipitation

  2. Deposition(noun)

    the act of bringing before the mind; presentation

  3. Deposition(noun)

    the act of setting aside a sovereign or a public officer; deprivation of authority and dignity; displacement; removal

  4. Deposition(noun)

    that which is deposited; matter laid or thrown down; sediment; alluvial matter; as, banks are sometimes depositions of alluvial matter

  5. Deposition(noun)

    an opinion, example, or statement, laid down or asserted; a declaration

  6. Deposition(noun)

    the act of laying down one's testimony in writing; also, testimony laid or taken down in writing, under oath or affirmation, before some competent officer, and in reply to interrogatories and cross-interrogatories


  1. Deposition

    Deposition is the geological process by which sediments, soil, and rocks are added to a landform or land mass. Fluids such as wind and water, as well as sediment flowing via gravity, transport previously eroded sediment, which, at the loss of enough kinetic energy in the fluid, is deposited, building up layers of sediment. Deposition occurs when the forces responsible for sediment transportation are no longer sufficient to overcome the forces of particle weight and friction, creating a resistance to motion, this is known as the null-point hypothesis. Deposition can also refer to the buildup of sediment from organically derived matter or chemical processes. For example, chalk is made up partly of the microscopic calcium carbonate skeletons of marine plankton, the deposition of which has induced chemical processes to deposit further calcium carbonate. Similarly, the formation of coal begins with deposition of organic material, mainly from plants, in anaerobic conditions.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Deposition

    dep-o-zish′un, n. act of deposing: act of deponing: declaration, testimony taken authoritatively, to be used as a substitute for the production of the witness in open court: removal: act of depositing: what is deposited, sediment.


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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Jeffrey Movit:

    Ms. Germanotta’s counsel nonetheless has not provided a deposition date.

  2. Gloria Allred:

    Mr. Cosby, I'm really looking forward to seeing you in person at this deposition.

  3. Gloria Allred:

    We are looking forward to Mr. Cosby answering questions under oath at his deposition, it's a very big victory.

  4. Chairman Trey Gowdy:

    These emails were not previously produced to the committee or released to the public, and they will help inform tomorrow's deposition.

  5. Jeffrey Movit:

    This motion has become necessary because Dr. Luke’s counsel has not been able to obtain, despite repeated request, a deposition date from Lady Gaga.

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  1. depositiondepositiondeposition

Translations for deposition

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • ترسيبArabic
  • сваляне от длъжност, показания под клетва, утаяване, отлаганеBulgarian
  • گواهیPersian
  • härmistyminen, kirjallinen todistelu, pinnoittaminen, huurtuminen, härmistäminen, kerrostaminen, kerrostuma, erottaminen, kerrostuminenFinnish
  • destitutionFrench
  • tanúskodás, üledék, tanúvallomás, leülepedés, lerakódás, elmozdítás, letételHungarian
  • ցուցմունք, վկայությունArmenian
  • hélunIcelandic
  • brinamentoItalian
  • 堆積Japanese
  • 蒸着, 증착Korean
  • schorsingDutch
  • zeznaniePolish
  • [[показание]] [[под]] [[присяга, осаждение, [[смещение]] [[с]] [[должность, отложениеRussian
  • 沉积Chinese

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