What does deplore mean?

Definitions for deploredɪˈplɔr, -ˈploʊr

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. deplore(verb)

    express strong disapproval of

    "We deplore the government's treatment of political prisoners"

  2. deplore, lament, bewail, bemoan(verb)

    regret strongly

    "I deplore this hostile action"; "we lamented the loss of benefits"


  1. deplore(Verb)

    To bewail; to weep bitterly over; to feel sorrow for.

  2. deplore(Verb)

    To condemn; to express strong disapproval of.

  3. Origin: From deplorare, from de- + plorare; origin uncertain.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Deplore(verb)

    to feel or to express deep and poignant grief for; to bewail; to lament; to mourn; to sorrow over

  2. Deplore(verb)

    to complain of

  3. Deplore(verb)

    to regard as hopeless; to give up

  4. Deplore(verb)

    to lament

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Deplore

    de-plōr′, v.t. to feel or express deep grief for.—adj. Deplor′able, lamentable: sad.—n. Deplor′ableness.—adv. Deplor′ably.—n. Deplorā′tion (obs.), lamentation.—adv. Deplor′ingly. [Fr.,—L. deplorārede, inten., plorāre, to weep.]


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of deplore in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of deplore in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Janvier Bigirimana:

    We deplore the way police acted with violence against a peaceful demonstration.

  2. Colton:

    War kills men, and men deplore the loss; but war also crushes bad principles and tyrants, and so saves societies.

  3. Paul. F. Meekin:

    I see that the house lights are still on. Let us not deprive the neighbours any longer of the chance to deplore how drunk I am."

  4. Francois Hollande:

    Parts of the opposition have been hostile to a revision of the constitution. I deplore this attitude, i have decided to end this debate.

  5. Charles Nditije:

    We deplore, however, that they didn’t decide to deploy peace enforcement forces in the near future, we also regret that they didn’t agree on sanctions.

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