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Definitions for decoyˈdi kɔɪ, dɪˈkɔɪ; dɪˈkɔɪ, ˈdi kɔɪ

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. decoy, steerer(noun)

    a beguiler who leads someone into danger (usually as part of a plot)

  2. bait, decoy, lure(verb)

    something used to lure fish or other animals into danger so they can be trapped or killed

  3. decoy(verb)

    lure or entrap with or as if with a decoy


  1. decoy(Noun)

    A person or object meant to lure something to danger.

  2. decoy(Noun)

    A real or fake animal used by hunters to lure game.

  3. decoy(Verb)

    To act or use a decoy.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Decoy(verb)

    to lead into danger by artifice; to lure into a net or snare; to entrap; to insnare; to allure; to entice; as, to decoy troops into an ambush; to decoy ducks into a net

  2. Decoy(noun)

    anything intended to lead into a snare; a lure that deceives and misleads into danger, or into the power of an enemy; a bait

  3. Decoy(noun)

    a fowl, or the likeness of one, used by sportsmen to entice other fowl into a net or within shot

  4. Decoy(noun)

    a place into which wild fowl, esp. ducks, are enticed in order to take or shoot them

  5. Decoy(noun)

    a person employed by officers of justice, or parties exposed to injury, to induce a suspected person to commit an offense under circumstances that will lead to his detection


  1. Decoy

    A decoy is usually a person, device, or event meant as a distraction, to conceal what an individual or a group might be looking for. Decoys have been used for centuries most notably in game hunting, but also in wartime and in the committing or resolving of crimes.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Decoy

    de-koy′, v.t. to allure: to entrap: to lure into a trap.—n. anything intended to allure into a snare: an apparatus of hoops and network for trapping wild-ducks—sometimes duck-coy.—n. Decoy′-duck, a wild-duck tamed and trained to entice others into a trap: (fig.) one employed to allure others into a snare. [L. de, down, and O. Fr. coi, quiet; the earlier verb to coy was confused with the Dut. kooi—L. cavea, a cage. See Coy.]

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

  1. decoy

    An imitation in any sense of a person, object, or phenomenon which is intended to deceive enemy surveillance devices or mislead enemy evaluation. Also called dummy.

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    The numerical value of decoy in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

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    The numerical value of decoy in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Goethe:

    Every bird has its decoy, and every man is led and misled in his own peculiar way.

  2. Ziv Mador:

    They will be challenged by the fact that (some) hackers are so sophisticated they might detect decoy servers or fake data.

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  1. decoydecoydecoy

Translations for decoy

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • примамка, изкуствена птицаBulgarian
  • návnadaCzech
  • Lockvogel, ködern, Köder, lockenGerman
  • δόλωμα, δελεάζω, κράχτηςGreek
  • señuelo, carnadaSpanish
  • houkutin, houkutuslintuFinnish
  • appât, leurre, piégerFrench
  • प्रलोभनHindi
  • richiamo, zimbello, escaItalian
  • おとり, 好餌Japanese
  • hunuhunu, tīmoriMāori
  • afleiding, lokvogelDutch
  • приманка, манок, подсадная утка, приманивать, приманить, наживкаRussian
  • мамац, mamacSerbo-Croatian
  • decoySwedish
  • bätaböd, bätadökVolapük

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