What does de groot mean?

Definitions for de grootdə ˈxroʊt

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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Josh Dunlap:

    The first time he saw (the character) Groot, he became fascinated.

  2. Martine Sacks:

    'I am Groot': Those are very easy sounds to make, it's mostly vowels, the 'G' and 'T' are easy. There's this character who always says the same thing, but he uses different inflection, and people understand him. It's very empowering.

  3. Josh Dunlap:

    His teachers have done an amazing job, they are focusing on his speech and muscle performance; they focus on word recognition and speech and motor skills. His teachers last year (say he improved by) leaps and bounds, they even attributed the change (to) Groot.

  4. Warren Fried:

    He would start mimicking Groot by changing the way he would say 'bah.' Groot became his voice -- he was able to change 'bah' to 'Groot.' His behavior changed, and his communication with others did as well. we hear things repetitively, it sticks into our memory so we can communicate it out.

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  1. de grootde grootde groot

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