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Princeton's WordNet

  1. dateline, date line, International Date Line(noun)

    an imaginary line on the surface of the earth following (approximately) the 180th meridian

  2. dateline(verb)

    a line at the beginning of a news article giving the date and place of origin of the news dispatch

  3. dateline, datemark, date-mark(verb)

    mark with a date and place

    "dateline a newspaper article"


  1. dateline(Noun)

    A line at the beginning of a document (such as a newspaper article) stating the date and place of origin.

  2. dateline(Verb)

    To attach a dateline to a particular document


  1. Dateline

    A dateline is a brief piece of text included in news articles that describes where and when the story occurred, or was written or filed, though the date is often omitted. In the case of articles reprinted from wire services, the distributing organization is also included. Datelines are traditionally placed on the first line of the text of the article, before the first sentence. The location appears first, usually starting with the city in which the reporter has written or dispatched the report. City names are usually printed in uppercase, though this can vary from one publication to another. The political division and/or nation the city is in may follow, but they may be dropped if the city name is widely recognizable due to its size or political importance. The date of the report comes after, followed by an em dash surrounded by spaces, and then the article. A typical newspaper dateline might read The same story if pulled from the Associated Press wire might appear as Datelines can take on some unusual forms. When reporters collaborate on a story, two different locations might be listed. In other cases, the exact location may be unknown or intentionally imprecise, such as when covering military operations while on a ship at sea or following an invasion force.

Anagrams for dateline »

  1. entailed

  2. lineated


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    The numerical value of dateline in Chaldean Numerology is: 1

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of dateline in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Jeffrey Vlaming:

    Dateline Mesopotamia, 3500 B.C. That's when the multi-faceted sounds we call music got its humble beginnings. It seems clappers were sent out the the fields to scare evil spirits away. These clappers started getting into the beat of their duty and, bingo, you got drums. From there, horns, strings, reeds, the whole orchestral gestalt. So, born in staving off death, music continues to nourish us in a variety of forms as different as the colors of the spectrum.

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  1. datelinedatelinedateline

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  • ದಿನಾಂಕ ರೇಖೆKannada

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