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Definitions for daguerreotypedəˈgɛər əˌtaɪp, -i əˌtaɪp

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. daguerreotype(noun)

    a photograph made by an early photographic process; the image was produced on a silver plate sensitized to iodine and developed in mercury vapor


  1. daguerreotype(Noun)

    An early type of photograph created by exposing a silver surface which has previously been exposed to either iodine vapor or iodine and bromine vapors.

  2. daguerreotype(Verb)

    To make a photograph using this process, to make a daguerreotype (of).

  3. Origin: Named after French artist Louis Daguerre who announced the process in 1839. Daguerre developed the process after some years of collaborations with French chemist Nicéphore Niépce.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Daguerreotype(noun)

    an early variety of photograph, produced on a silver plate, or copper plate covered with silver, and rendered sensitive by the action of iodine, or iodine and bromine, on which, after exposure in the camera, the latent image is developed by the vapor of mercury

  2. Daguerreotype(noun)

    the process of taking such pictures

  3. Daguerreotype(verb)

    to produce or represent by the daguerreotype process, as a picture

  4. Daguerreotype(verb)

    to impress with great distinctness; to imprint; to imitate exactly

  5. Origin: [From Daguerre the inventor + -type.]


  1. Daguerreotype

    The daguerreotype was the first commercially successful photographic process, invented around 1837 by Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre. The physical daguerreotype itself is a direct positive made in the camera on a silvered copper plate. The raw material for plates was called Sheffield plate, plating by fusion or cold-rolled cladding and was a standard hardware item produced by heating and rolling silver foil in contact with a copper support. The surface of a daguerreotype is like a mirror, with the image made directly on the silvered surface; it is very fragile and can be rubbed off with a finger, and the finished plate has to be angled so as to reflect some dark surface in order to view the image properly. Depending on the angle viewed and the color of the surface reflected into it, the image can change from a positive to a negative. The cases provided to house daguerreotypes have a cover lined with velvet or plush to provide a dark surface that reflects into the plate for viewing. Alternatively there were cases designed as frames to hang on a wall, while the smallest sizes of daguerreotypes could be mounted into lockets as had been done with miniature paintings.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Daguerreotype

    da-ger′o-tīp, n. a method of taking pictures on metal plates by the light of the sun: a photograph fixed on a plate of copper by a certain process.—adj. Daguer′rēan.—n. Daguerrē′otypy, the art of daguerreotyping. [Fr., from Louis Daguerre (1789-1851).]

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Daguerreotype

    a process named after its inventor, Louis Daguerre, a Frenchman, of producing pictures by means of the camera on a surface sensitive to light and shade, and interesting as the first step in photography.


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    The numerical value of daguerreotype in Chaldean Numerology is: 8

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    The numerical value of daguerreotype in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Rosy Cole:

    “Aberjhani's writing blows the mind and frees the psyche of any rigid assumptions about ancestral heritage. Here, our collective experience is starkly rendered. The transparency of one culture overlays another, and another, to form the daguerreotype of possibilities that is homo sapiens, interacting, almost like the elements themselves, with the created world and modified only by context and its imperatives.”-- from Circles and Arcs

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