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Definitions for cubicleˈkyu bɪ kəl

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. cell, cubicle(noun)

    small room in which a monk or nun lives

  2. carrel, carrell, cubicle, stall(noun)

    small individual study area in a library

  3. booth, cubicle, stall, kiosk(noun)

    small area set off by walls for special use


  1. cubicle(Noun)

    A small separate part or one of the compartments of a room.

    Most libraries provide cubicles for quiet study.

  2. cubicle(Noun)

    A small enclosure at a swimming pool etc. used to provide personal privacy when changing.

  3. cubicle(Noun)

    A small enclosure in a public toilet for individual use.

  4. Origin: From cubiculum, from cubo

Webster Dictionary

  1. Cubicle(noun)

    a loding room; esp., a sleeping place partitioned off from a large dormitory

  2. Origin: [L. cubiculum.]


  1. Cubicle

    Тhe cubicle, cubicle desk, office cubicle or cubicle workstation is a partially enclosed workspace, separated from neighboring workspaces by partitions that are usually 5–6 feet tall. Its purpose is to isolate office workers from the sights and noises of an open workspace so that they may concentrate without distractions. Cubicles are composed of modular elements such as work surfaces, overhead bins, drawers, and shelving, which can be configured depending on the user's needs. Installation is generally performed by professionals, although some cubicles allow configuration changes to be performed by users without specific training. The office cubicle was created by designer Robert Propst for Herman Miller, and released in 1967 under the name "Action Office II". Although cubicles are often seen as being symbolic of work in a modern office setting due to their uniformity and blandness, they afford the employee a greater degree of privacy and personalization than in previous work environments, which often consisted of desks lined up in rows within an open room.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Cubicle

    kū′bi-kl, n. a bedroom.


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    The numerical value of cubicle in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1

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