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Princeton's WordNet

  1. crop, harvest(noun)

    the yield from plants in a single growing season

  2. crop(noun)

    a cultivated plant that is grown commercially on a large scale

  3. crop(noun)

    a collection of people or things appearing together

    "the annual crop of students brings a new crop of ideas"

  4. crop(noun)

    the output of something in a season

    "the latest crop of fashions is about to hit the stores"

  5. crop(noun)

    the stock or handle of a whip

  6. craw, crop(verb)

    a pouch in many birds and some lower animals that resembles a stomach for storage and preliminary maceration of food

  7. crop(verb)

    cut short

    "She wanted her hair cropped short"

  8. cultivate, crop, work(verb)

    prepare for crops

    "Work the soil"; "cultivate the land"

  9. crop(verb)

    yield crops

    "This land crops well"

  10. crop, graze, pasture(verb)

    let feed in a field or pasture or meadow

  11. crop, browse, graze, range, pasture(verb)

    feed as in a meadow or pasture

    "the herd was grazing"

  12. snip, clip, crop, trim, lop, dress, prune, cut back(verb)

    cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of

    "dress the plants in the garden"


  1. Crop(v. t.)

    to cut off an unnecessary portion at the edges; -- of photographs and other two-dimensional images; as, to crop her photograph up to the shoulders.


  1. crop(Noun)

    A plant, especially a cereal, grown to be harvested as food, livestock fodder or fuel or for any other economic purpose.

  2. crop(Noun)

    The natural production for a specific year, particularly of plants.

  3. crop(Noun)

    A group, cluster or collection of things occurring at the same time.

    a crop of ideas

  4. crop(Noun)

    The lashing end of a whip

  5. crop(Noun)

    An entire short whip, especially as used in horse-riding; a riding crop.

  6. crop(Noun)

    A rocky outcrop.

  7. crop(Noun)

    The act of cropping.

  8. crop(Noun)

    A short haircut.

  9. crop(Noun)

    A pouch-like part of the alimentary tract of some birds (and some other animals), used to store food before digestion, or for regurgitation; a craw.

  10. crop(Verb)

    To remove the top end of something, especially a plant.

  11. crop(Verb)

    To cut (especially hair or an animal's tail or ears) short.

  12. crop(Verb)

    To remove the outer parts of a photograph or image in order to frame the subject better.

  13. crop(Noun)

    The foliate part of a finial.

  14. crop(Noun)

    The head of a flower, especially when picked; an ear of corn; the top branches of a tree.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Crop(noun)

    the pouchlike enlargement of the gullet of birds, serving as a receptacle for food; the craw

  2. Crop(noun)

    the top, end, or highest part of anything, especially of a plant or tree

  3. Crop(noun)

    that which is cropped, cut, or gathered from a single felld, or of a single kind of grain or fruit, or in a single season; especially, the product of what is planted in the earth; fruit; harvest

  4. Crop(noun)

    grain or other product of the field while standing

  5. Crop(noun)

    anything cut off or gathered

  6. Crop(noun)

    hair cut close or short, or the act or style of so cutting; as, a convict's crop

  7. Crop(noun)

    a projecting ornament in carved stone. Specifically, a finial

  8. Crop(noun)

    tin ore prepared for smelting

  9. Crop(noun)

    outcrop of a vein or seam at the surface

  10. Crop(noun)

    a riding whip with a loop instead of a lash

  11. Crop(verb)

    to cut off the tops or tips of; to bite or pull off; to browse; to pluck; to mow; to reap

  12. Crop(verb)

    fig.: To cut off, as if in harvest

  13. Crop(verb)

    to cause to bear a crop; as, to crop a field

  14. Crop(verb)

    to yield harvest

  15. Origin: [OE. crop, croppe, craw, top of a plant, harvest, AS. crop, cropp, craw, top, bunch, ear of corn; akin to D. krop craw, G. kropf, Icel. kroppr hump or bunch on the body, body; but cf. also W. cropa, croppa, crop or craw of a bird, Ir. & Gael. sgroban. Cf. Croup, Crupper, Croup.]


  1. Crop

    A crop is a volunteered or cultivated plant whose product is harvested by a human at some point of its growth stage. Plants which have not been cultivated but whose product are harvested, are not really classified as crops. The same goes for plants which have been planted, but are never harvested. Flowers are classified as crops because when it has been cultivated, its harvesting also include the aesthetic purpose it serves. Crops refer to plants of same kind that are grown on a large scale for food, clothing, and other human uses. They are non-animal species or varieties grown to be harvested as food, livestock fodder, fuel or for any other economic purpose. Major crops include sugarcane, pumpkin, maize, wheat, rice, cassava, soybeans, hay, potatoes and cotton. While the term "crop" most commonly refers to plants, it can also include species from other biological kingdoms. For example, mushrooms like shiitake, which are in the fungi kingdom, can be referred to as "crops". In addition, certain species of algae are also cultivated, although it is also harvested from the wild. In contrast, animal species that are raised by humans are called livestock, except those that are kept as pets. Microbial species, such as bacteria or viruses, are referred to as cultures. Microbes are not typically grown for food, but are rather used to alter food. For example, bacteria are used to ferment milk to produce yogurt.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Crop

    krop, n. all the produce of a field of grain: anything gathered or cropped: an entire ox-hide: the craw of a bird: (archit.) a finial: a whip-handle: the cutting the hair short.—v.t. to cut off the top or ends: to cut short or close: to mow, reap, or gather.—v.i. to yield:—pr.p. crop′ping; pa.p. cropped.—n. Crop′-ear, one having cropped or cut ears.—adj. Crop′ful (Milt.), satiated.—ns. Crop′per, one who or that which crops: a plant which furnishes a crop: one who raises a crop for a share of it: a kind of fancy pigeon remarkable for its large crop; Crop′ping, act of cutting off: the raising of crops: (geol.) an outcrop; Crop′py, one of the Irish rebels of 1798 who cut their hair short in imitation of the French Revolutionists.—adj. Crop′-sick, sick of a surfeit.—Crop out, to appear above the surface; Crop up, to come up incidentally. [A.S. crop, the top shoot of a plant, the crop of a bird; Dut. crop, a bird's crop.]

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British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'crop' in Nouns Frequency: #1361

Anagrams for crop »

  1. corp.

  2. proc


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of crop in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of crop in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Sam Withiam:

    People joke that our crop is pipelines.

  2. Abou Ouattara:

    Over the years bad weather has affected the crop.

  3. Ovid:

    Take rest a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.

  4. Ovid:

    Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.

  5. Clair Hershey:

    More than 200 million people rely on cassava as a basic food crop.

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  1. cropcropcrop

Translations for crop

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • محصولArabic
  • гуша, множество, култура, жътва, посев, къса подстрижка, кастря, стрижаBulgarian
  • ořez, ořezatCzech
  • afgrødeDanish
  • Gerte, Kehlsack, Kropf, Getreide, ausschneidenGerman
  • vipeto, rikoltaĵo, kropoEsperanto
  • agosto, cultivo, rapado, buche, fusta, cosecha, rapar, recortarSpanish
  • sato, viljelyskasvi, kupu, raippa, siilitukka, piiska, kallio, viljelykasvi, siili, ratsupiiska, ryöppy, satokasvi, typistää, leikata, rajataFinnish
  • récolte, jabot, cravache, découperFrench
  • buain, sgròbanScottish Gaelic
  • יבולHebrew
  • եզրատելArmenian
  • massa, raccolto, coltura, rapata, gozzo, frustino, mucchio, messeItalian
  • 鞭, 短髪, 作物, 嗉囊, 収穫量, 収穫, 集まりJapanese
  • ಎರೆಚೀಲKannada
  • 멀떠구니Korean
  • seges, messisLatin
  • tenga, nae, tāngaengae, huanga kai, mutumutu, parekuhiMāori
  • bros, opbrengst, voedselplant, gewas, keelzak, voedselgewas, krop, rijzweepje, oogst, bijknippen, bijsnijden, brosknippenDutch
  • kroNorwegian Nynorsk
  • kroNorwegian
  • wysyp, plonPolish
  • açoite, colheita, papo, chibata, safra, cultura, encurtar, podar, recortarPortuguese
  • păr scurt, recoltă, cultură, gușă, cravașă, cultiva, decupa, tăia, tunde, culegeRomanian
  • зоб, обнажение, сельскохозяйственная культура, выход на поверхность, урожай, посев, обрезать, срезать, купировать, ([[коротко]]) [[подстригать]]Russian
  • berba, jahaći bič, usjev, potkratiti, skratitiSerbo-Croatian
  • pridelekSlovene
  • gröda, skörd, beskäraSwedish
  • పంటTelugu
  • 作物Chinese

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