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Princeton's WordNet

  1. creep, weirdo, weirdie, weirdy, spook(noun)

    someone unpleasantly strange or eccentric

  2. creep(noun)

    a slow longitudinal movement or deformation

  3. creep(noun)

    a pen that is fenced so that young animals can enter but adults cannot

  4. crawl, crawling, creep, creeping(verb)

    a slow mode of locomotion on hands and knees or dragging the body

    "a crawl was all that the injured man could manage"; "the traffic moved at a creep"

  5. crawl, creep(verb)

    move slowly; in the case of people or animals with the body near the ground

    "The crocodile was crawling along the riverbed"

  6. sneak, mouse, creep, pussyfoot(verb)

    to go stealthily or furtively

    "..stead of sneaking around spying on the neighbor's house"

  7. creep(verb)

    grow or spread, often in such a way as to cover (a surface)

    "ivy crept over the walls of the university buildings"

  8. fawn, crawl, creep, cringe, cower, grovel(verb)

    show submission or fear


  1. creep(Noun)

    The movement of something that creeps (like worms or snails)

  2. creep(Noun)

    A relatively small gradual change, variation or deviation (from a planned value) in a measure.

  3. creep(Noun)

    A slight displacement of an object: the slight movement of something

  4. creep(Noun)

    The gradual expansion or proliferation of something beyond its original goals or boundaries, considered negatively.

    Christmas creep. Feature creep. Instruction creep. Mission creep.

  5. creep(Noun)

    In sewn books, the tendency of pages on the inside of a quire to stand out farther than those on the outside of it.

  6. creep(Noun)

    An increase in strain with time; the gradual flow or deformation of a material under stress.

  7. creep(Noun)

    The imperceptible downslope movement of surface rock.

  8. creep(Noun)

    An annoying irritating person

  9. creep(Noun)

    A frightening and/or disconcerting person, especially one who gives the speaker chills or who induces psychosomatic facial itching.

    Stop following me, you creep!

  10. creep(Verb)

    To move slowly with the abdomen close to the ground.

    Lizards and snakes crept over the ground.

  11. creep(Verb)

    Of plants, to grow across a surface rather than upwards.

  12. creep(Verb)

    To move slowly and quietly in a particular direction.

    He tried to creep past the guard without being seen.

  13. creep(Verb)

    To make small gradual changes, usually in a particular direction.

    Prices have been creeping up all year.

  14. creep(Noun)

    A barrier with small openings used to keep large animals out while allowing smaller animals to pass through.

  15. CREEP(ProperNoun)

    The Committee to Re-elect the President, which raised money for Richard Nixon's campaign for 1972 reelection.

  16. Origin: From crepen, from creopan, from kreupanan, from ger-. Cognate with crjippa, kruipen, kriefen, Danish krybe, Norwegian krype, krypa, krjúpa.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Creep(verb)

    to move along the ground, or on any other surface, on the belly, as a worm or reptile; to move as a child on the hands and knees; to crawl

  2. Creep(verb)

    to move slowly, feebly, or timorously, as from unwillingness, fear, or weakness

  3. Creep(verb)

    to move in a stealthy or secret manner; to move imperceptibly or clandestinely; to steal in; to insinuate itself or one's self; as, age creeps upon us

  4. Creep(verb)

    to slip, or to become slightly displaced; as, the collodion on a negative, or a coat of varnish, may creep in drying; the quicksilver on a mirror may creep

  5. Creep(verb)

    to move or behave with servility or exaggerated humility; to fawn; as, a creeping sycophant

  6. Creep(verb)

    to grow, as a vine, clinging to the ground or to some other support by means of roots or rootlets, or by tendrils, along its length

  7. Creep(verb)

    to have a sensation as of insects creeping on the skin of the body; to crawl; as, the sight made my flesh creep. See Crawl, v. i., 4

  8. Creep(verb)

    to drag in deep water with creepers, as for recovering a submarine cable

  9. Creep(noun)

    the act or process of creeping

  10. Creep(noun)

    a distressing sensation, or sound, like that occasioned by the creeping of insects

  11. Creep(noun)

    a slow rising of the floor of a gallery, occasioned by the pressure of incumbent strata upon the pillars or sides; a gradual movement of mining ground

  12. Origin: [OE. crepen, creopen, AS. crepan; akin to D. kruipen, G. kriechen, Icel. krjupa, Sw. krypa, Dan. krybe. Cf. Cripple, Crouch.]


  1. Creep

    "Creep" is a song by the English alternative rock band Radiohead. Radiohead released "Creep" as their debut single in 1992, and it later appeared on their first album, Pablo Honey. During its initial release, "Creep" was not a chart success. However, upon re-release in 1993, it became a worldwide hit. Attendees of Radiohead's early gigs often exhibited little interest in the band's other songs, causing the band to react against "Creep" and play it less often during the mid-to-late 1990s. In 1998, halfway through their OK Computer tour, the band dropped the song from set lists altogether. "Creep" was not played live again until 2001, but it has since reappeared several times on the band's live sets. In 2008, the song was included in the Radiohead: The Best Of compilation album.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Creep

    krēp, v.i. to move on the belly, like a snake: to move slowly: to grow along the ground or on supports, as a vine: to fawn or cringe: to have the physical sensation of something creeping over or under the skin: to shudder at from fear or repugnance: to drag with a creeper, as a river-bottom:—pr.p. creep′ing; pa.t. and pa.p. crept.—ns. Creep′er, a creeping plant: a genus of small climbing birds; Creep′-hole, a hole into which to creep: a subterfuge; Creep′ie, a low stool, the old Scotch stool of repentance.—adv. Creep′ingly.—adj. Creep′y. [A.S. creópan; Dut. kruipen.]

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. creep

    To advance, grow, or multiply inexorably. In hackish usage this verb has overtones of menace and silliness, evoking the creeping horrors of low-budget monster movies.

British National Corpus

  1. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'creep' in Verbs Frequency: #827

Anagrams for creep »

  1. crepe, crêpe

How to pronounce creep?

  1. Alex
    US English

How to say creep in sign language?

  1. creep


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of creep in Chaldean Numerology is: 5

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of creep in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

Examples of creep in a Sentence

  1. Edmund Burke:

    Ambition can creep as well as soar.

  2. Helen Keller:

    One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.

  3. Neil Levesque:

    I suspect that this time will be different, that we won't have the creep that we've had.

  4. Clifton Fadiman:

    Mr. Faulkner, of course, is interested in making your mind rather than your flesh creep.

  5. Darren Gacicia:

    We're starting to creep into 'show me some numbers' territory before we get another leg up.

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  1. creepcreepcreepcreepcreep

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Translations for creep

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • زحفArabic
  • свличане, пълзя, пълзене, стеляBulgarian
  • plížit seCzech
  • krybe, listeDanish
  • schleichen, kriechen, Knilch, SchleichGerman
  • arrastrarseSpanish
  • خزیدن, خزشPersian
  • matelu, karmio, kyylä, liikahdus, [[kasvaa]] [[maata]] [[pitkin]], hiipiä, nöyristellä, ryömiä, värisyttää, [[aiheuttaa]] [[väristyksiä]], viruminen, ryömintä, nilkki, hyypiö, hivuttautua, vetäytyä, naarataFinnish
  • rampement, ramper, fatigueFrench
  • èalaidhScottish Gaelic
  • रेंगनाHindi
  • csúszás-mászás, lopakodik, oson, kúszik, kúszásHungarian
  • merayapIndonesian
  • scorrimento, spostamento, scollamento, antipatico, ruffiano, lecchino, strisciare, deriva, strisciamentoItalian
  • זחילהHebrew
  • 這う, 伝う, 忍び寄る, クリープJapanese
  • ಕ್ರೀಪ್Kannada
  • 기다Korean
  • sicine subrepstiLatin
  • whakaninihi, tapanihiMāori
  • griezel, kruipen, opschuiven, kruip, engerdDutch
  • creepNorwegian
  • pełzaniePolish
  • rastejarPortuguese
  • târîRomanian
  • ползание, урод, отморозок, стели́ться, кра́сться, подкра́дываться, пресмыка́ться, сползание, ползти́, оплыва́ть, оплы́ть, ползатьRussian
  • äckel, äckelpotta, miffo, klänga, smyga, krypaSwedish
  • தொய்வுTamil
  • క్రీప్Telugu
  • เล็ดลอดThai
  • sürünmeTurkish
  • повзатиUkrainian
  • ریںگناUrdu
  • leoVietnamese
  • קריכןYiddish
  • 爬行Chinese

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