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ˈkaʊn tərcounter

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. counternoun

    table consisting of a horizontal surface over which business is transacted

  2. counternoun

    game equipment (as a piece of wood, plastic, or ivory) used for keeping a count or reserving a space in various card or board games

  3. counter, tabulatornoun

    a calculator that keeps a record of the number of times something happens

  4. buffet, counter, sideboardnoun

    a piece of furniture that stands at the side of a dining room; has shelves and drawers

  5. counternoun

    a person who counts things

  6. rejoinder, retort, return, riposte, replication, comeback, counternoun

    a quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one)

    "it brought a sharp rejoinder from the teacher"

  7. counternoun

    (computer science) a register whose contents go through a regular series of states (usually states indicating consecutive integers)

  8. counter, heel counternoun

    a piece of leather forming the back of a shoe or boot

    "a counter may be used to stiffen the material around the heel and to give support to the foot"

  9. counterpunch, parry, counteradjective

    a return punch (especially by a boxer)

  10. antagonistic, counterverb

    indicating opposition or resistance

  11. counterverb

    speak in response

    "He countered with some very persuasive arguments"

  12. anticipate, foresee, forestall, counteradverb

    act in advance of; deal with ahead of time

  13. counteradverb

    in the opposite direction

    "run counter"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Counteradverb

    a prefix meaning contrary, opposite, in opposition; as, counteract, counterbalance, countercheck. See Counter, adv. & a

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]

  2. Counterverb

    one who counts, or reckons up; a calculator; a reckoner

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]

  3. Counterverb

    a piece of metal, ivory, wood, or bone, used in reckoning, in keeping account of games, etc

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]

  4. Counterverb

    money; coin; -- used in contempt

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]

  5. Counterverb

    a prison; either of two prisons formerly in London

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]

  6. Counterverb

    a telltale; a contrivance attached to an engine, printing press, or other machine, for the purpose of counting the revolutions or the pulsations

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]

  7. Counterverb

    a table or board on which money is counted and over which business is transacted; a long, narrow table or bench, on which goods are laid for examination by purchasers, or on which they are weighed or measured

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]

  8. Counteradverb

    contrary; in opposition; in an opposite direction; contrariwise; -- used chiefly with run or go

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]

  9. Counteradverb

    in the wrong way; contrary to the right course; as, a hound that runs counter

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]

  10. Counteradverb

    at or against the front or face

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]

  11. Counteradjective

    contrary; opposite; contrasted; opposed; adverse; antagonistic; as, a counter current; a counter revolution; a counter poison; a counter agent; counter fugue

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]

  12. Counteradverb

    the after part of a vessel's body, from the water line to the stern, -- below and somewhat forward of the stern proper

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]

  13. Counteradverb

    same as Contra. Formerly used to designate any under part which served for contrast to a principal part, but now used as equivalent to counter tenor

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]

  14. Counteradverb

    the breast, or that part of a horse between the shoulders and under the neck

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]

  15. Counteradverb

    the back leather or heel part of a boot

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]

  16. Counternoun

    an encounter

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]

  17. Counterverb

    to return a blow while receiving one, as in boxing

    Etymology: [See Counter, adv., Contra.]


  1. Counter

    In digital logic and computing, a counter is a device which stores the number of times a particular event or process has occurred, often in relationship to a clock signal.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Counter

    kown′tėr, adv. against: in opposition.—adj. contrary: opposite.—n. that which is counter of opposite: (mus.) the voice-part set in immediate contrast with the air: (fencing) a parry in which one foil follows the other in a small circle: the part of a horse's breast between the shoulders and under the neck: (naut.) the part of a ship between the water-line and the knuckle of the stern.—v.t. Counteract′, to act counter or in opposition to: to hinder or defeat.—n. Counterac′tion.—adj. Counteract′ive, tending to counteract.—n. one who or that which counteracts.—adv. Counteract′ively.—ns. Coun′ter-ag′ent, anything which counteracts; Coun′ter-approach′, a work thrown up outside a besieged place to command or check the approaches of the besieger; Coun′ter-attrac′tion, attraction in an opposite direction.—adj. Coun′ter-attract′ive, attracting in an opposite direction.—v.t. Counterbal′ance, to balance by weight on the opposite side: to act against with equal weight, power, or influence.—ns. Coun′terbalance, an equal weight, power, or agency working in opposition; Coun′terbase (see Contrabass); Coun′ter-batt′ery (mil.), a battery erected to oppose another; Coun′ter-blast, something done in opposition to another thing; Coun′ter-bond, a bond to protect from contingent loss one who has given bond for another.—v.t. Coun′ter-brace (naut.), to brace or fasten (the head-yards and after-yards) in opposite ways.—n. the lee-brace of the fore-topsail-yard.—n. Coun′terbuff, a stroke that stops motion or causes a recoil.—v.t. to drive back by such.—ns. Coun′ter-cast (Spens.), a contrary cast, counterplot, trick; Coun′ter-cast′er (Shak.), one who casts accounts: a book-keeper—used in contempt; Coun′ter-change, (Shak.), exchange, reciprocation.—p.adj. Coun′terchanged′, exchanged: (her.) intermixed or set one against the other, as the colours of the field and charge.—n. Coun′ter-charge, a charge brought forward in opposition to another charge.—v.t. Coun′tercharm, to destroy or dissolve the effects of another charm.—n. that which destroys the effects of another charm.—v.t. Coun′ter-check, to check by some obstacle: to rebuke.—ns. Counter-check′, a check in opposition to another: a rebuke; Counter-claim, kown′tėr-klām, n. a cross-demand brought forward as a partial or complete set-off against another claim.; Coun′ter-curr′ent, a current flowing in an opposite direction; Coun′ter-drain, a drain alongside a canal, &c., to carry off water oozing out.—v.t. Coun′terdraw, to trace on oiled paper or other transparent material.—ns. Coun′ter-ev′idence, evidence brought forward in opposition to other evidence; Coun′terfoil, the corresponding part of a bank cheque, &c., retained by the giver; Coun′ter-force, an opposing force; Coun′ter-fort (fort.), a buttress, or arch behind the revetments or retaining walls of the ditches of permanent fortifications; Coun′ter-gauge, an adjustable scribing gauge for marking the measurements of a mortise on a piece to be tenoned; Coun′ter-guard (fort.), an outwork consisting of two lines of rampart running parallel to the faces of the bastion, to guard the bastion from being breached; Coun′ter-in′fluence, an opposing influence; Coun′ter-irr′itant, an agent or substance applied to the skin so as to redden, to vesicate, or to produce pustules, &c.; Coun′ter-irritā′tion, an artificial irritation produced in one part of the body to act in opposition to and remove already existing irritation; Coun′terlight (paint.), a light opposite to any object, disturbing the effect of its light.—v.i. Coun′termarch, to march back or in a direction contrary to a former one.—n. a marching backward or in a direction different from a former one: (mil.) an evolution by which a body of men change front, and still retain the same men in the front rank: change of measures.—n. Coun′termark, an additional mark put on a bale of goods belonging to several merchants, so that it may not be opened except in the presence of all the owners: a mark put on standard metal by the London Goldsmiths' Company in addition to the artificer's: an artificial cavity made in the teeth of horses to disguise their age.—v.t. Coun′termine, to make a mine in opposition to: to oppose by means of a countermine: (fig.) to frustrate by secret working:—pr.p. countermin′ing; pa.p. countermined′.—ns. Coun′ter-mine (mil.), a mine or chamber excavated by the besieged to counteract or destroy the mines made by the besiegers: (fig.) any means of counteraction; Coun′ter-mō′tion, an opposite motion; Coun′ter-move, -move′ment, a contrary move, movement.—v.t. Coun′termure, to fortify a wall with another wall.—ns. Coun′ter-ō′pening, an aperture or vent on the opposite side, or in a different place; Coun′ter-pace, a step in opposition to another, a contrary measure.—adj. Coun′ter-paled (her.), divided equally, as an escutcheon, first palewise, then by a line fesswise, with two tinctures countercharged.—ns. Coun′ter-parole′, a word in addition to the password; Coun′terpart, the part that answers to another part: that which fits into or completes another, having the qualities which another lacks, and so an opposite.—adj. Coun′ter-pass′ant (her.), denoting two animals in a coat of arms represented as passing each other the contrary way.—n. Coun′terplea, a replication to a plea or request.—v.t. Counterplead′, to plead the contrary of; Coun′terplot′, to plot against in order to frustrate another plot:—pr.p. counterplot′ting; pa.p. counterplot′ted.—n. a plot or stratagem opposed to another plot.—v.t. Coun′terpoise, to poise or weigh against or on the opposite side: to act in opposition to with equal effect.—n. an equally heavy weight in the other scale—(Spens.) Coun′terpoys.—ns. Coun′ter-pois′on, a poison used as the antidote of another; Coun′ter-pres′sure, opposing pressure; Coun′ter-proof, an inverted impression obtained from a newly printed proof of an engraving, by laying it, while the ink is still wet, upon plain paper, and passing it through the press; Coun′ter-revolū′tion, a subsequent revolution counteracting the effect of a previous; Coun′ter-roll, a copy of the rolls relating to appeals, inquests, &c., serving as a check on another's roll; Coun′ter-round, a body of officers which goes to inspect the rounds.—adj. Coun′tersā′lient (her.), salient in opposite directions.—n. Coun′terscarp (fort.), the side of the ditch nearest to the besiegers and opposite to the scarp.—v.t. Counterseal′ (Shak.), to seal along with others.—ns. Coun′ter-secur′ity, security given to one who has become surety for another; Coun′ter-sense, an interpretation contrary to the real sense.—v.t. Countersign′, to sign on the opposite side of a writing: to sign in addition to the signature of a superior, to attest the authenticity of a writing.—ns. Coun′tersign, a military private sign or word, which must be given in order to pass a sentry: a counter-signature; Coun′ter-sig′nal, a signal used as an answer to another; Coun′ter-sig′nature, a name countersigned to a writing.—v.t. Coun′tersink, to bevel the edge of a hole, as for the head of a screw-nail (a a in fig.)—it is usually done by a Countersink-bit (b in fig.) in a brace.—ns. Coun′ter-stand, opposition, resistance; Coun′ter-state′ment, a statement in opposition to another statement; Coun′ter-stroke (Spens.), a stroke given in return for another stroke; Coun′ter-tal′ly, a tally serving as a check to another; Coun′ter-ten′or, name applied to alto when sung by a male voice (so called because a contrast to tenor); Coun′ter-time, the resistance of a horse that interrupts his cadence and the measure of his manège: resistance, opposition; Coun′terturn, a turn in a play different from what was expected.—v.t. Countervail′, to be of avail against: to act against with equal effect: to be of equal value to: to compensate [Counter and Avail].—n. Coun′ter-view, an opposing view: a posture in which two persons face each other: opposition: contrast.—v.t. Coun′ter-vote, to vote in opposition to; Coun′ter-weigh, to weigh against, counterbalance.—ns. Coun′ter-weight, a weight in an opposite scale.—v.i. Coun′ter-wheel, to wheel in an opposite direction.—n. Coun′ter-work, a work raised in opposition to another.—v.t. to work in opposition to.—p.adj. Coun′ter-wrought. [Fr.,—L. contra, against.]

  2. Counter

    kown′tėr, n. (Spens.) encounter.—v.t. to encounter: to contradict.

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. counter

    A term which enters into the composition of divers words of our language, and generally implies opposition, as counter-brace, counter-current, &c.--Counter of a ship, refers to her after-seat on the water: the counter above extends from the gun-deck line, or lower ribbon moulding of the cabin windows, to the water-line (or seat of water); the lower counter is arched below that line, and constitutes the hollow run. It is formed on the transom-buttocks.

Editors Contribution

  1. counter

    A type of surface within a kitchen.

    The counter in the kitchen was clean, tidy and neat.

    Submitted by MaryC on March 14, 2020  

British National Corpus

  1. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'counter' in Written Corpus Frequency: #3728

  2. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'counter' in Nouns Frequency: #1883

  3. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'counter' in Verbs Frequency: #960

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of counter in Chaldean Numerology is: 5

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of counter in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

Examples of counter in a Sentence

  1. Flavio Volpe:

    We have to stop pretending that we are dealing with a rational counter-party. You know, these people are caging children at the border.

  2. John Forman:

    His mission at Banco do Brasil was to carry out the wishes of the government, he probably won't have the necessary independence to be a counter-weight to government ideas of what should be done (at Petrobras).

  3. Josh Schwerin:

    Even McAuliffe got a record number of votes and was still losing rural areas 85-15. Terry McAuliffe aides can't win elections that way, it wasn't enough to counter how excited Republicans were in other parts and how low Terry McAuliffe aides ceiling is in rural communities right now. ... It's getting worse.

  4. Xie Xiaoyan:

    Efforts to counter terrorists and extremists within Syria will also help the political settlement of the Syrian issue, it is also a good thing for counter-terrorism endeavors in the region. The international community should look at the larger picture of counter-terrorism in Syria, cooperate closely and form synergies.

  5. Wang Yi:

    There is a tradition in China's foreign policy. We do not join in state groups that have a military nature and this also applies to international counter-terrorism cooperation, it doesn't mean that China will not play its role in fighting terrorism. It has been, but in its own ways.

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Translations for counter

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  • عدادArabic
  • брояч, гише, противоположен, обратен, противопоставям се, контра, отговарямBulgarian
  • getó, comptador, comptavoltes, fitxaCatalan, Valencian
  • počtářCzech
  • rhifyddWelsh
  • optæller, skranke, brik, disk, tæller, jeton, køkkenbordDanish
  • widersprechen, reagieren, Tresen, Schalter, entgegensetzen, Theke, Zähler, entgegnenGerman
  • πάγκος, μετρητήςGreek
  • vendotabloEsperanto
  • contador, mostrador, taquillaSpanish
  • شمارشگرPersian
  • putka, vastaehdotus, työtaso, vastoin, laskuri, vastustaa, tiski, vastatoimi, vastaan, laskija, vastaliike, vastataFinnish
  • contre, guichet, compteurFrench
  • cuntarIrish
  • काउंटरHindi
  • számlálóHungarian
  • վաճառասեղանArmenian
  • melawanIndonesian
  • konteroIdo
  • teljari, búðarborð, afgreiðsluborðIcelandic
  • bancone, contro, contraddire, contatore, contrastareItalian
  • カウンタ, カウンターJapanese
  • ಕೌಂಟರ್Kannada
  • aanrecht, balieDutch
  • diskNorwegian
  • ladaPolish
  • balcão, contador, bancadaPortuguese
  • numărător, numărătoare, contorRomanian
  • стойка, встречный удар, противодействие, задник, счётчик, прилавок, противовес, обратный, противоположный, противостоять, конторкаRussian
  • disk, markör, köksbänkSwedish
  • sayaçTurkish
  • טאָמבאַנקYiddish
  • 计数器Chinese

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