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Princeton's WordNet

  1. convection(noun)

    the transfer of heat through a fluid (liquid or gas) caused by molecular motion

  2. convection(noun)

    (meteorology) the vertical movement of heat or other properties by massive motion within the atmosphere


  1. convection(Noun)

    The process of conveying something.

  2. convection(Noun)

    The transmission of heat in a fluid or gas by the circulation of currents.

  3. convection(Noun)

    The vertical movement of heat and moisture, especially by updrafts and downdrafts in an unstable air mass. The terms convection and thunderstorm are often used interchangeably, although thunderstorms are only one form of convection. Towering cumulus clouds are visible forms of convection.

  4. Origin: From convectionem, from convectio, from convect-, past participle of convehere, combination of com- and vehere.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Convection(noun)

    the act or process of conveying or transmitting

  2. Convection(noun)

    a process of transfer or transmission, as of heat or electricity, by means of currents in liquids or gases, resulting from changes of temperature and other causes

  3. Origin: [L. convectio, fr. convehere to bring together; con- + vehere to carry.]


  1. Convection

    Convection is the concerted, collective movement of ensembles of molecules within fluids and rheids. Convection of mass cannot take place in solids, since neither bulk current flows nor significant diffusion can take place in solids. Diffusion of heat can take place in solids, but is referred to separately in that case as heat conduction. A good model for convection is when you take a heat source and place it at any side of a glass full of a liquid, you then can feel the different levels of heat in the glass. Convective heat transfer is one of the major modes of heat transfer and convection is also a major mode of mass transfer in fluids. Convective heat and mass transfer take place through both diffusion – the random Brownian motion of individual particles in the fluid – and by advection, in which matter or heat is transported by the larger-scale motion of currents in the fluid. In the context of heat and mass transfer, the term "convection" is used to refer to the sum of advective and diffusive transfer. Note that in common use the term convection may refer loosely to heat transfer by convection, as opposed to mass transfer by convection, or the convection process in general. Sometimes "convection" is even used to refer specifically to "free heat convection", as opposed to forced heat convection. However, in mechanics the correct use of the word is the general sense, and different types of convection should be properly qualified for clarity.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Convection

    kon-vek′shun, n. the process of transmission of heat or electricity through liquids or gases by means of currents.—adj. Convec′tive, occasioned by convection. [L.,—con, and vehĕre, to carry.]

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Convection

    Transmission of energy or mass by a medium involving movement of the medium itself. The circulatory movement that occurs in a fluid at a nonuniform temperature owing to the variation of its density and the action of gravity. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed; Webster, 10th ed)


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  1. David Robinson:

    When dust veils like this occur, they tend to put a lid on atmospheric convection over areas favorable for tropical storm development, add to this the impact of the El Nio, which favors stronger-than-average winds across the Atlantic basin-- which tend to shear apart any rising motion -- and you have a recipe for a below-average hurricane season.

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