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  1. Chytridiomycota

    Chytridiomycota is a division of the kingdom Fungi. The name is derived from the Greek chytridion, meaning "little pot", describing the structure containing unreleased spores. In older classifications, chytrids were placed in the class Phycomycetes under the subdivision Myxomycophyta of the kingdom Fungi. Also, in an older and more restricted sense, the term "chytrids" referred just to those fungi in the order Chytridiales. The chytrids have also been included among the Protista, but are now regularly classed as fungi. The chytrids are the most primitive of the fungi and are mostly saprobic, degrading chitin and keratin. The thalli are coenocytic and usually form no true mycelium. Some species are unicellular. As with other fungi, the cell wall in chytrids is composed of chitin. Many chytrids are aquatic. There are approximately 1,000 chytrid species, in 127 genera, distributed among 5 orders.

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  1. Chytridiomycota

    A phylum of fungi that was formerly considered a subdivision of Phycomycetes. They are the only fungi that produce motile spores (zoospores) at some stage in their life cycle. Most are saprobes but they also include examples of plant, animal, and fungal pathogens.


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