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Princeton's WordNet

  1. chemical process, chemical change, chemical action(noun)

    (chemistry) any process determined by the atomic and molecular composition and structure of the substances involved


  1. chemical change(Noun)

    any process in which reactants are changed into products by the breaking or creation of chemical bonds


  1. Chemical change

    Chemical changes occur when a substance combines with another to form a new substance, called synthesis or, alternatively, decomposes into two or more different substances. These processes are called chemical reactions and, in general, are not reversible except by further chemical reactions. Some reactions produce heat and are called exothermic reactions and others may require heat to enable the reaction to occur, which are called endothermic reactions. Understanding chemical changes is a major part of the science of chemistry. When chemical reactions occur, the atoms are rearranged and the reaction is accompanied by an energy change as new products are generated. An example of a chemical change is the reaction between sodium and water to produce sodium hydroxide and hydrogen. So much energy is released that the hydrogen gas released spontaneously burns in the air. This is an example of a chemical change because the end products are chemically different from the substances before the reaction.

The Standard Electrical Dictionary

  1. Chemical Change

    When bodies unite in the ratio of their chemical equivalents, so as to represent the satisfying of affinity or the setting free of thermal or other energy, which uniting is generally accompanied by sensible heat and often by light, as in the ignition of a match, burning of a candle, and, when the new compound exhibits new properties distinct from those of its components, a chemical combination is indicated. More definitely it is a change of relation of the atoms. Another form of chemical change is decomposition, the reverse of combination, and requiring or absorbing energy and producing several bodies of properties distinct from those of the original compound. Thus in a voltaic battery chemical combination and decomposition take place, with evolution of electric instead of thermal energy.


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