What does centripetal mean?

Definitions for centripetalsɛnˈtrɪp ɪ tl

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. centripetal(adj)

    tending to move toward a center

    "centripetal force"

  2. centripetal, unifying(a)(adj)

    tending to unify

  3. centripetal, receptive, sensory(a)(adj)

    of a nerve fiber or impulse originating outside and passing toward the central nervous system

    "sensory neurons"


  1. centripetal(Adjective)

    directed or moving towards a centre

  2. centripetal(Adjective)

    of, relating to, or operated by centripetal force

  3. centripetal(Adjective)

    directed towards the central nervous system; afferent

  4. Origin: From coined by Sir Isaac Newton, from Latin centri- (centrum) "center" + petere "to fall, rush out"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Centripetal(adj)

    tending, or causing, to approach the center

  2. Centripetal(adj)

    expanding first at the base of the inflorescence, and proceeding in order towards the summit

  3. Centripetal(adj)

    having the radicle turned toward the axis of the fruit, as some embryos

  4. Centripetal(adj)

    progressing by changes from the exterior of a thing toward its center; as, the centripetal calcification of a bone

  5. Origin: [L. centrum center + petere to move toward.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Centripetal

    sen-trip′et-al, adj. of a force impelling a body towards some point as a centre. [L. centrum, and pet-ĕre, to seek.]


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