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Definitions for candidˈkæn dɪd

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. blunt, candid, forthright, frank, free-spoken, outspoken, plainspoken, point-blank, straight-from-the-shoulder(adj)

    characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion

    "blunt talking and straight shooting"; "a blunt New England farmer"; "I gave them my candid opinion"; "forthright criticism"; "a forthright approach to the problem"; "tell me what you think--and you may just as well be frank"; "it is possible to be outspoken without being rude"; "plainspoken and to the point"; "a point-blank accusation"

  2. candid(adj)

    informal or natural; especially caught off guard or unprepared

    "a candid photograph"; "a candid interview"

  3. candid, open, heart-to-heart(adj)

    openly straightforward and direct without reserve or secretiveness

    "his candid eyes"; "an open and trusting nature"; "a heart-to-heart talk"


  1. candid(Noun)

    A spontaneous or unposed photograph.

    His portraits looked stiff and formal but his candids showed life being lived.

  2. candid(Adjective)

    Impartial and free from prejudice.

    he knew not where to look for faithful advice, efficient aid, or candid judgement. u2014 Washington Irving u2014 The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus

  3. candid(Adjective)

    Straightforward, open and sincere.

    My candid opinion was that it was all rubbish! u2014 Jules Verne u2014 A Journey To The Center Of The Earth

  4. candid(Adjective)

    Not posed or rehearsed.

    will the introduction of supplementary flash or flood intrude on a candid picture situation or ruin the mood? u2014 Popular Photography (2002)

  5. Origin: From candidus.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Candid(adj)


  2. Candid(adj)

    free from undue bias; disposed to think and judge according to truth and justice, or without partiality or prejudice; fair; just; impartial; as, a candid opinion

  3. Candid(adj)

    open; frank; ingenuous; outspoken

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Candid

    kan′did, adj. frank, ingenuous: free from prejudice: fair, impartial.—adv. Can′didly.—n. Can′didness. [Fr. candide—L. candidus, white—cand-ēre, to shine.]


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of candid in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of candid in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Kahlil Gibran:

    If indeed you must be candid, be candid beautifully.

  2. Bendixen Amandi:

    We actually found them to be very candid, very frank.

  3. Defense Secretary Ash Carter:

    I've been candid that it is difficult and has been difficult with respect to Syria.

  4. David Bissonette:

    But of all plagues, good Heaven, thy wrath can send, Save me, oh, save me, from the candid friend.

  5. Bo Copley:

    If I can be candid, I think still supporting her hurts you, it does, because it’s not a good outlook here.

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  1. candidcandidcandid

Translations for candid

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • откровен, безпристрастен, непредубеден, искрен, честенBulgarian
  • franco, sinceroSpanish
  • منصفانه, رکPersian
  • puolueetonFinnish
  • candide, spontané, sincèreFrench
  • כנה, אוביקטיביHebrew
  • spontán, véletlenszerűHungarian
  • kandidaIdo
  • candidoItalian
  • aequusLatin
  • spontaan, neutraal, eerlijk, objectiefDutch
  • upartisk, fordomsfri, oppriktigNorwegian
  • szczeryPolish
  • непредвзятый, искренний, беспристрастный, честный, естественная, открытый, фотография, откровенный, естественныйRussian
  • uppriktigSwedish
  • 坦率Chinese

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