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  1. Caliciviridae

    The Caliciviridae family are a family of viruses, members of Class IV of the Baltimore scheme. They are positive-sense, single stranded RNA which is non-segmented. The caliciviruses have been found in a number of organisms such as humans, cattle, pigs, cats, chickens, reptiles, dolphins and amphibians. The caliciviruses have a simple construction and are not enveloped. The capsid appears hexagonal/spherical and has icosahedral symmetry with a diameter of 35–39 nm. Caliciviruses are not very well studied because until recently they cannot be grown in culture and there is no suitable animal model. However, the recent application of modern genomic technologies has led to an increased understanding of the virus family. The viral genome has been sequenced. A recent isolate from rhesus monkeys—Tulane virus—can be grown in culture and this system promises to increase our understanding of these viruses. The name calicivirus is derived from the Latin word calyx meaning cup or goblet. This name is appropriate as many strains have visible cup-shaped depressions.

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  1. Caliciviridae

    A family of RNA viruses infecting a broad range of animals. Most individual species are restricted to their natural hosts. They possess a characteristic six-pointed starlike shape whose surfaces have cup-shaped (chalice) indentions. Transmission is by contaminated food, water, fomites, and occasionally aerosolization of secretions. Genera include LAGOVIRUS; NORWALK-LIKE VIRUSES; SAPPORO-LIKE VIRUSES; and VESIVIRUS.


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    The numerical value of caliciviridae in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

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