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  1. binitarianism(Noun)

    The belief, particularly among some Christians, that God is divided into two aspects, these being God the father and Jesus.


  1. Binitarianism

    Binitarianism is a Christian theology of two personae, two individuals, or two aspects in one Godhead. Classically, binitarianism is understood as strict monotheism — that is, that God is an absolutely single being; and yet with binitarianism there is a "twoness" in God. The other common forms of monotheism are "unitarianism", a belief in a single God with one aspect, and "trinitarianism", a belief in a single God with three aspects. While binitarianism is sometimes used self-descriptively, it is also used to denote Christian error or heresy as are the following related terms: ⁕"Bitheism", a belief in two distinct persons in one essence, "God family," who are in perfect harmony/agreement with each other/one another, composed of the Father and the Son as two distinct Gods, and the Holy Spirit as not a God, but rather as the living power of God that flows/emanates between both the Father and the Son. ⁕"Ditheism", a belief in two Gods working against one another's purpose, e.g. God versus the Satan. This term has been used to describe the doctrines of the World Churches of God by the offshoot Christian Churches of God.


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