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Princeton's WordNet

  1. bias, prejudice, preconception(noun)

    a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation

  2. diagonal, bias(adj)

    a line or cut across a fabric that is not at right angles to a side of the fabric

  3. bias(verb)

    slanting diagonally across the grain of a fabric

    "a bias fold"

  4. bias(verb)

    influence in an unfair way

    "you are biasing my choice by telling me yours"

  5. bias, predetermine(verb)

    cause to be biased


  1. bias(Noun)

    inclination towards something; predisposition, partiality, prejudice, preference, predilection

  2. bias(Noun)

    the diagonal line between warp and weft in a woven fabric

  3. bias(Noun)

    a voltage or current applied for example to a transistor electrode

  4. bias(Noun)

    the difference between the expectation of the sample estimator and the true population value, which reduces the representativeness of the estimator by systematically distorting it

  5. bias(Noun)

    In the game of crown green bowls: a weight added to one side of a bowl so that as it rolls, it will follow a curved rather than a straight path; the oblique line followed by such a bowl; the lopsided shape or structure of such a bowl.

  6. bias(Verb)

    To place bias upon; to influence.

    Our prejudices bias our views.

  7. Bias(ProperNoun)

    One of the Seven Sages of Greece from Priene living in the 6th century BC.

  8. Origin: From Βίας.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Bias(noun)

    a weight on the side of the ball used in the game of bowls, or a tendency imparted to the ball, which turns it from a straight line

  2. Bias(noun)

    a leaning of the mind; propensity or prepossession toward an object or view, not leaving the mind indifferent; bent; inclination

  3. Bias(noun)

    a wedge-shaped piece of cloth taken out of a garment (as the waist of a dress) to diminish its circumference

  4. Bias(noun)

    a slant; a diagonal; as, to cut cloth on the bias

  5. Bias(adj)

    inclined to one side; swelled on one side

  6. Bias(adj)

    cut slanting or diagonally, as cloth

  7. Bias(adverb)

    in a slanting manner; crosswise; obliquely; diagonally; as, to cut cloth bias

  8. Bias(verb)

    to incline to one side; to give a particular direction to; to influence; to prejudice; to prepossess


  1. Bias

    Bias is an inclination of temperaments or outlook to present or hold a partial perspective at the expense of alternatives in reference to objects, people, or groups. Anything biased generally is one-sided and therefore lacks a neutral point of view. Bias can come in many forms and is often considered to be synonymous with prejudice or bigotry.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Bias

    bī′as, n. a bulge or greater weight on one side of a bowl (in the game of bowling), making it slope or turn to one side: a slant or leaning to one side: a one-sided inclination of the mind, prejudice: any special influence that sways the mind.—v.t. to cause to turn to one side: to prejudice or prepossess:—pa.p. bī′ased or bī′assed.—ns. Bī′as-draw′ing (Shak.), a turn awry; Bī′asing, a bias or inclination to one side. [Fr. biais, of dubious origin; Diez suggests L. bifax, bifacem, two-faced.]

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Bias

    one of the seven wise men of Greece, born at Priene, in Ionia; lived in the 6th century B.C.; many wise sayings are ascribed to him; was distinguished for his indifference to possessions, which moth and rust can corrupt, and thieves break through and steal.

The Standard Electrical Dictionary

  1. Bias

    In polarized relay the adjustment of the tongue to lie normally against one or the other contact. (See Relay, Polarized.) Fig. 58. RESISTANCE COILS SHOWING BIFILAR WINDING.

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British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'bias' in Nouns Frequency: #2441

Anagrams for bias »

  1. IBSA, isba


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of bias in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of bias in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Tom Peters:

    Good managers have a bias for action.

  2. Norman Levine:

    Toronto is directionless with a downward bias.

  3. J. Willard Marriott:

    Customer needs may vary, but their bias for quality never does.

  4. Connor Lamb:

    My only bias is the one they taught us in the Marines: a bias for action.

  5. Kelly Ellis:

    I have come forward to correct a pervasive problem of gender bias at Google.

Images & Illustrations of bias

  1. biasbiasbias

Translations for bias

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • تحيز, انحيازArabic
  • prejudici, tendència, biaix, predisposicióCatalan, Valencian
  • zaujetí, předpojatostCzech
  • Voreingenommenheit, BefangenheitGerman
  • προκατάληψηGreek
  • tendencia, preferencia, prejuicio, predisposición, sesgo, parcialidad, inclinación, predilecciónSpanish
  • تعصبPersian
  • parti-pris, préjugéFrench
  • elfogultság, részrehajlásHungarian
  • կողմնակալություն, կողմնապահությունArmenian
  • predilezione, preferenza, tendenza, predisposizione, inclinazione, pregiudizio, polarizzazioneItalian
  • vooringenomenheid, vooroordeelDutch
  • partiskhet, partisk, FordomNorwegian
  • stronniczośćPolish
  • tendência, viés, distorção, tendenciosidadePortuguese
  • предубеждение, смещениеRussian
  • partiskhetSwedish
  • önyargıTurkish
  • 偏压Chinese

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