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Princeton's WordNet

  1. aspic(noun)

    savory jelly based on fish or meat stock used as a mold for meats or vegetables


  1. aspic(Noun)

    a dish in which ingredients are set into a gelatine, jelly-like substance made from a meat stock or consommu00E9.

  2. aspic(Noun)

    an asp, a small venomous snake of Egypt.

  3. aspic(Adjective)

    aspish; relating to an asp, a small venomous snake of Egypt.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Aspic(noun)

    the venomous asp

  2. Aspic(noun)

    a piece of ordnance carrying a 12 pound shot

  3. Aspic(noun)

    a European species of lavender (Lavandula spica), which produces a volatile oil. See Spike

  4. Aspic(noun)

    a savory meat jelly containing portions of fowl, game, fish, hard boiled eggs, etc

  5. Origin: [F., prob. fr. aspic an asp.]


  1. Aspic

    Aspic is a dish in which ingredients are set into a gelatin made from a meat stock or consommé. Non-savory dishes, often made with commercial gelatin mixes without stock or consommé, are usually called gelatin salads. When cooled, stock that is made from meat congeals because of the natural gelatin found in the meat. The stock can be clarified with egg whites, and then filled and flavored just before the aspic sets. Almost any type of food can be set into aspics. Most common are meat pieces, fruits, or vegetables. Aspics are usually served on cold plates so that the gel will not melt before being eaten. A meat jelly that includes cream is called a chaud-froid. Nearly any type of meat can be used to make the gelatin: pork, beef, veal, chicken, turkey, or fish. The aspic may need additional gelatin in order to set properly. Veal stock provides a great deal of gelatin; in making stock, veal is often included with other meat for that reason. Fish consommés usually have too little natural gelatin, so the fish stock may be double-cooked or supplemented. Since fish gelatin melts at a lower temperature than gelatins of other meats, fish aspic is more delicate and melts more readily in the mouth.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Aspic

    Aspick, as′pik, n. (poet.) a venomous serpent. [See Asp.]

  2. Aspic

    as′pik, n. a savoury meat-jelly containing fish, game, hard-boiled eggs, &c. [Littré suggests its derivation from aspic, asp, because it is 'cold as an aspic,' a French proverb.]

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  1. pacis, picas, Spica, spica


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of aspic in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

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    The numerical value of aspic in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

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