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  1. Androphagi

    cannibals; man-eaters; anthropophagi

  2. Origin: [NL., fr. Gr. 'androfa`gos; 'anh`r, 'andro`s, man + fagei^n to eat.]


  1. Androphagi

    Androphagi was an ancient nation of cannibals north of Scythia, probably in the forests between the upper waters of the Dnepr and Don. These people may have assisted the Scythians when King Darius the Great led a Persian invasion into what is now Southern Russia to punish the Scythians for their raids into the Achaemenid Empire. Herodotus first wrote of andropophagi in his Histories, where he described them as one of several tribes near Scythia. An extra note indicates that the andropophagi are cannibals, as reflected in their name: Pliny the Elder later wrote in his Naturalis Historia that the same cannibals near Scythia wore the scalps of men on their chest. It has been hypothesized that "Androphagoi" is a Greek translation of *mard-xwaar "man-eater" in the old North Iranian language of the Scythians. From *mard-xwaar one can derives "Mordva" or "Mordvin", the Russian name of the Finno-Ugrian Erzya and Moksha peoples of east-central European Russia. From Herodotus we can deduce a location for the Androphagoi that is approximately the same as that occupied by the modern Mordvins.

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  1. androphagi

    Term used by ancient Hellenes (Greeks) to describe Semitic cannibals (haplogroup I) - the Germanic Goths - on their way from Scandza across Balto-Slavic territory to the coasts of the Sarmatians (Skolotoi, Scythians), the Crimea, where the Ionians traditionally had some important trade centres. The bastards left by the androphagi at coasts of Black Sea were known as Bastarnae and the androphagi (Goths) moved west to invade Celtic Esperia (Europe); Hercynia became Germany, Gallia became France, Iberia became Spain, e.t.c. The androphagi as the most agressive and degenerated cannibalistic tribe of the Arabian Peninsula were driven out by their relatives, who eventually became Arabs and Jews, around 7000-9000 BCE, and became pirates of the east Mediterrean shores. They invaded the Balkans and settled on the Illyrian shores (current Albania and Bosnia). Around 5000 BCE some androphagi reached Scandza (south of Scandinavia) leaving traces of horror, e.g. the excavations at Herxheim. Scandza since became their base, from where they hunted indigenous Europeans, e.g. Slavs, Celts, Balts, Caucasians (haplogroups R1a, R1b, N and G)… The European Finno-Ugric (Balto-Uralic) haplogroup N peoples NOT to be confused with their degenerated imperialistic east Asian Turkic relatives (Huns, Avars, Khazars, Moghuls, Seljuks, Ottomans…). Traces of their invasions can be found at proto-Slavic Iława (Eulau) ca. 2400 BCE, and Dołęża (Tollense) ca. 1200 BCE, where Skolotian (Scythian) cavalry had to be ordered from Vysperia (Silesia) to withdraw the massive androphagi invasion and protect local Slavic peasants and their Aryan nobility. Both sites are currently again and still under androphagi (German) occupation. The branch of the androphagi, which still had bases on Illyrian shores was known in this time as Philistines, as described in the Hebrew Torah (Bible), in Egyptian and Nasatyan (Hittite) inscriptions. While the Roman invasion in Europe and the Turkic invasion in Central Asia the androphagi started their invasion of Esperia (Europe), with the help of Turkic mercenaries invaded Rome and since, using Roman bureaucracy, propaganda, religion and other imperialistic techniques invade all continents of our planet. The traditions of the androphagi didn't change much through millennia - while the French Revolution they made pants from human skin and butchered women for fat, the atrocities of their (Anglo-Saxon, Frankish, German, Hispanic, Hollandaise, Portugue


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