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Definitions for allemandeˈæl əˌmænd, -ˌmɑnd

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. allemande, allemande sauce(noun)

    egg-thickened veloute


  1. allemande(Noun)

    A popular instrumental dance form in Baroque music, and a standard element of a suite, generally the first or second movement.

  2. Origin: From French allemand "German".

Webster Dictionary

  1. Allemande(noun)

    a dance in moderate twofold time, invented by the French in the reign of Louis XIV.; -- now mostly found in suites of pieces, like those of Bach and Handel

  2. Allemande(noun)

    a figure in dancing

  3. Origin: [F., fr. allemand German.]


  1. Allemande

    An allemande is one of the most popular instrumental dance forms in Baroque music, and a standard element of a suite. Originally, the allemande formed the first movement of the suite, before the courante, but, later, it was often preceded by an introductory movement, such as a prelude. The allemande originated in the 16th century as a duple metre dance of moderate tempo, derived from dances supposed to be favoured in Germany at the time. No German dance instructions from this era survive, but 16th century French and British dance manuals for the Almain do survive. In general the dancers formed a line of couples, extended their paired hands forward, and paraded back and forth the length of the room, walking three steps, then balancing on one foot; a livelier version, the allemande courante, used three springing steps and a hop. French composers of the 17th century experimented with the allemande, shifting to quadruple meter and ranging more widely in tempo. The form of the allemande was used for the tombeau. Other identifying features include an upbeat of one or occasionally three sixteenth notes, the absence of syncopation, its combination of short motivic scraps into larger units, and its tonal and motivic contrasts. German composers like Froberger and Bach followed suit in their allemandes for keyboard instruments, although ensemble allemandes tended to stay in a more traditional form. Italian and English composers were more free with the allemande, writing in counterpoint and using a variety of tempi.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Allemande

    al′le-mand, n. a name given to various Germain dances: (mus.) the first movement after the prelude in a suite. [Fr. Allemande, German.]


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