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Definitions for aigretteˈeɪ grɛt, eɪˈgrɛt

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. aigrette, aigret(noun)

    a long plume (especially one of egret feathers) worn on a hat or a piece of jewelry in the shape of a plume


  1. aigrette(Noun)

    The lesser white heron; the egret.

  2. aigrette(Noun)

    A feather or plume, or feather-shaped item, used as an adornment or ornament.

  3. aigrette(Noun)

    The feathery crown of some seeds (such as the dandelion)

  4. Origin: From aigrette ‘egret’.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Aigrette(noun)

    the small white European heron. See Egret

  2. Aigrette(noun)

    a plume or tuft for the head composed of feathers, or of gems, etc

  3. Aigrette(noun)

    a tuft like that of the egret

  4. Aigrette(noun)

    a feathery crown of seed; egret; as, the aigrette or down of the dandelion or the thistle

  5. Origin: [F., a sort of white heron, with a tuft of feathers on its head; a tuft of feathers; dim. of the same word as heron. See Heron, and cf. Egret, Egrette.]


  1. Aigrette

    The term aigrette refers to the tufted crest or head-plumes of the egret, used for adorning a headdress. The word may also identify any similar ornament, in gems. Aigrettes, studded with diamonds and rubies, decorated the turbans of Ottoman sultans or the ceremonial chamfron of their horses. Several of these aigrettes are on display in the Treasury of the Topkapı Palace in Istanbul, Turkey. An aigrette is also worn by certain ranks of officers in the French army. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries a fad in women's fashion for wearing extravagant and fanciful aigrettes resulted in large numbers of egrets and other birds being slaughtered by plume hunters for the millinery industry, until public reaction and government intervention caused the fad to end and demand for such plumes collapse. By analogy the word is used in various sciences for feathery excrescences of like appearance, as for the tufts on the heads of insects, the feathery down of the dandelion, the luminous rays at the end of electrified bodies, or the luminous rays - seen in solar eclipses - diverging from the moon's edge. The 61.50 carat whiskey-coloured diamond, "The Eye of the Tiger", was mounted by Cartier in a turban aigrette for the Jam Sahib or Maharajah of Nawanagar in 1934.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Aigrette

    ā′gret, n. (zool.) a small white heron: (bot.) the down attached to vegetable seeds, as in the thistle: a plume composed of feathers, or of precious stones, like a heron's crest. [Fr. aigrette.]


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    The numerical value of aigrette in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

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    The numerical value of aigrette in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

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