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Princeton's WordNet

  1. estivation, aestivation(noun)

    (zoology) cessation or slowing of activity during the summer; especially slowing of metabolism in some animals during a hot or dry period

  2. estivation, aestivation(noun)

    (botany) the arrangement of sepals and petals in a flower bud before it opens


  1. aestivation(Noun)

    A state of inactivity and metabolic depression during summer: the summer version of hibernation.

  2. aestivation(Noun)

    The arrangement (vernation) of the parts of a flower inside a bud; prefloration.

  3. aestivation(Noun)

    The spending or passing of a summer.

  4. Origin: Formed from Latin aestivare, from aestus ‘heat’.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Aestivation(noun)

    the state of torpidity induced by the heat and dryness of summer, as in certain snails; -- opposed to hibernation

  2. Aestivation(noun)

    the arrangement of the petals in a flower bud, as to folding, overlapping, etc.; prefloration


  1. Aestivation

    Aestivation or estivation, refers to the positional arrangement of the parts of a flower within a flower bud before it has opened. Aestivation is also sometimes referred to as praefoliation or prefoliation, but these terms may also mean vernation: the arrangement of leaves within a vegetative bud. Aestivation can be an important taxonomic diagnostic; for example Malvaceae flower buds have valvate sepals, with the exception of the genera Fremontodendron and Chiranthodendron, which have sometimes been misplaced as a result. The terms used to describe aestivation are the same as those used to describe leaf vernation. Classes of aestivation include: ⁕imbricate - overlapping ⁕contorted or twisted - every petal or sepal is outside its neighbour on one margin, and inside its neighbour on the other margin ⁕cochleate - spirally twisted ⁕contortiplicate - contorted and also plicate ⁕quincuncial - with five parts, where two petals or sepals are outside all others, two inside all others, and the fifth is outside on one margin and inside on the other ⁕crumpled ⁕decussate ⁕induplicate - folded inwards ⁕open - petals or sepals do not overlap or even touch each other ⁕reduplicate - folded outwards


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    The numerical value of aestivation in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

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    The numerical value of aestivation in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

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