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  1. yer(Adverb)

    yeah; yes

  2. yer(Pronoun)


  3. yer(Pronoun)


  4. yer(Contraction)


  5. Origin: Representing an imprecise, unstressed pronunciation of you, your and you're.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Yer

    ere; before


  1. Yer

    The letter yer of the Cyrillic script, also spelled jer or er, is known as the hard sign in the modern Russian and Rusyn alphabets and as er golyam in the Bulgarian alphabet. The letter is called back yer in the pre-reform Russian orthography, in Old Russian, and in Old Church Slavonic. Originally the yer denoted an ultra-short or reduced middle rounded vowel. Its companion is the front yer, now known as the soft sign in Russian and as er malək in Bulgarian, which was originally also a reduced vowel, more frontal than the ъ, and which is today used to mark the palatalization of consonants in all of the Slavic languages written in the Cyrillic script, except for Serbian and Macedonian, where it is not used although its traces can be seen in the letters њ and љ. The two reduced vowels together are called the yers in Slavic philology.

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Anagrams for YER »

  1. rye, yre


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of YER in Chaldean Numerology is: 8

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of YER in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. John Wayne, (as Genghis Kahn to Susan Hayward in the move The Conqueror) 1956:

    Yer beautiful in yer wrath! I shall keep you, and in responding to my passions, yer hatred will kindle into love.

  2. Carl DeHaven:

    We all have the ability to adjust our course towards a more better direction. Choosing to do so is less painful than being forced to. Moving toward a destination that is beneficial to ourselves and others could be worth the effort. Know Yer Loved, CWD

  3. Carl DeHaven:

    Truth of Existence I'm getting pretty tired of you humans pissing around wit' da bickering t'ween ya's. I have given all of ya what c'ha need to fulfill yer purpose. Think this is a game? It ain't! Don't you humans have any idea? What I see is the masses have for eons let themselves be lead about hither and yon by a minority gang that is totally self serving! I'm not gonna wait much longer for ya'll to get yer s..t together. You won't like how I'll bring ya's up to grade. KnowyerLoved, CWD

  4. Carl DeHaven:

    Drawn To When we rest back and view the people in our lives...Those we've just met and those we've known awhile it becomes apparent that a similarity exists. It seems that as we grow thru life the names, faces, bodies change but inner substance continues. Could be that the choices we make determine whose in our lives. What we attract seems to be brought unto us via waves of thought then into physical manifestation. Adjusting our magnet could be a good thing to do. Choosing to do so gives aid to do so. Know Yer Loved, CWD

  5. Carl DeHaven:

    Look We only "see" that which reflects light. How much more is there? There are those among us that when sitting in a dark room think that nothing exists that is not seen. Our ability to see is much more than what's shone through our eyes. I "see" that Judy Jones is pissed at me even though her outward appearance remains lovely. About all of us there exist more effecting us that is unseen than is seen. What we "see" in our dreams is seen through our "inner" eyes. It might be beneficial to look more carefully upon our inner sphere of being. Know Yer Loved, CWD

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