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  1. yat(Noun)

    A vowel of the Cyrillic and Glagolitic alphabet (Cyrillic capital , Cyrillic small , Glagolitic ), no longer in current use

  2. yat(Noun)

    A Late Proto-Slavic (Common Slavic) sound usually transcribed as /u011B/, subsequently lost in all Slavic dialect

  3. Yat(ProperNoun)

    a unique collection of dialects of English spoken in New Orleans, Louisiana

  4. Yat(ProperNoun)

    a person of the New Orleans, Louisiana area who speaks with a Yat accent.


  1. Yat

    Not to be confused with Semisoft sign Yat or jat is the thirty-second letter of the old Cyrillic alphabet. Its name in Old Church Slavonic is jěd’ or iad’. In the common scientific Latin transliteration for old Slavic languages, the letter is represented by e with caron: ě. The yat represented a Common Slavic long vowel. It is generally believed to have represented the sound, which was a reflex of earlier, or. That the sound represented by yat developed late in the history of Common Slavic is indicated by its role in the second palatalization of the Slavic velar consonants. Significantly, from the earliest texts, there was considerable confusion between the yat and the Cyrillic iotified a. One explanation is that the dialect of Thessaloniki and other South Slavic dialects shifted from independently from the Northern and Western branches. The confusion was also possibly aggravated by the fact that Cyrillic Little Yus looks very similar to the older Glagolitic alphabet's yat. An extremely rare "iotated yat" form also exists. In various modern Slavic languages, the yat has reflexed into various vowels. For example, the old Slavic root běl became bel in Standard Russian, bil in Ukrainian, bjal in Bulgarian, biel / biały in Polish, bílý in Czech and biely in Slovak. Older, unrelated reflexes of yat exist; for example, old word телѣгы became modern Russian телеги but in Serbian it is таљиге.

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