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Definitions for Watchdogˈwɒtʃˌdɔg, -ˌdɒg

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. watchdog(noun)

    a guardian or defender against theft or illegal practices or waste

    "she is the global watchdog for human rights abuses"

  2. watchdog, guard dog(noun)

    a dog trained to guard property


  1. watchdog(Noun)

    a guard dog

  2. watchdog(Noun)

    a person or organization that monitors and publicizes the behavior of others (individuals, corporations, governments) to discover undesirable activity.

  3. watchdog(Verb)

    To perform a function analogous to a watchdog.

  4. watchdog(Verb)

    To guard and warn.

  5. Origin: From watch and dog.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Watchdog(noun)

    a dog kept to watch and guard premises or property, and to give notice of the approach of intruders


  1. Watchdog

    Watchdog is a BBC television series that investigates viewers' reports of problematic experiences with traders, retailers, and other companies around the UK. It has had great success in changing the awareness consumers have of their purchasing rights and in changing policies of companies, closing down businesses, and pushing for law changes. It is shown on BBC One and is available for online viewing or download via BBC iPlayer.

Anagrams for Watchdog »

  1. dog watch, dogwatch

  2. Dog watch

  3. Dogwatch


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Watchdog in Chaldean Numerology is: 6

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of Watchdog in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Dorota Glowacka:

    The state media will no longer serve as the public’s watchdog.

  2. Mark Ricks:

    Unfortunately, rare cases like this tend to draw a negative light to all charities and make people a bit more withdrawn to donate. But fortunately there are a lot of watchdog groups out there.

  3. Richard Blumenthal:

    I believe strongly that federal watchdog agencies have a role in protecting consumers because serious safety concerns are raised by this practice of steering often involving the use of inferior or even salvaged or counterfeit parts.

  4. Marek Belka:

    Anyway, (financial watchdog) KNF is going in that direction, when it forbids some banks from paying out dividends, thus strengthening (their) capital base and ability to cover losses, as a consequence, banks will have to save (in preparation) for worse times.

  5. Students News Agency ISNA:

    Iran's press watchdog has banned the Noh-e Day weekly for publishing articles that contradicted the country's nuclear policy, each step that (Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad) Zarif took during the walk destroyed 100 kilograms of (Iran's) reserve of enriched uranium.

Images & Illustrations of Watchdog

  1. WatchdogWatchdogWatchdog

Translations for Watchdog

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • Wachhündin, WachhundGerman
  • perro guardiánSpanish
  • vahtikoiraFinnish
  • chien de garde, mâtin, chienne de gardeFrench
  • cerbero, cane da guardiaItalian
  • 監視者, 監視人, 番犬, 監視委員会Japanese
  • WuechthondLuxembourgish, Letzeburgesch
  • anjing pengawalMalay
  • cão de guarda, vigilânciaPortuguese
  • сторожевой пёс, контролёр, сторожевая собакаRussian
  • kontrollorgan, tillsynsman, övervakningsorgan, tillsyningsman, vakthund, tillsynsorgan, väktareSwedish
  • دیکھتے ہیںUrdu
  • galedajidog, galedadog, galedahidogVolapük

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