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Princeton's WordNet

  1. trick, fast onenoun

    a cunning or deceitful action or device

    "he played a trick on me"; "he pulled a fast one and got away with it"

  2. tricknoun

    a period of work or duty

  3. tricknoun

    an attempt to get you to do something foolish or imprudent

    "that offer was a dirty trick"

  4. antic, joke, prank, trick, caper, put-onnoun

    a ludicrous or grotesque act done for fun and amusement

  5. magic trick, conjuring trick, trick, magic, legerdemain, conjuration, thaumaturgy, illusion, deceptionnoun

    an illusory feat; considered magical by naive observers

  6. whoremaster, whoremonger, john, tricknoun

    a prostitute's customer

  7. trickverb

    (card games) in a single round, the sequence of cards played by all the players; the high card is the winner

  8. flim-flam, play a joke on, play tricks, trick, fob, fox, pull a fast one on, play a trick onverb

    deceive somebody

    "We tricked the teacher into thinking that class would be cancelled next week"


  1. tricknoun

    Something designed to fool or swindle.

    It was just a trick to say that the house was underpriced.

  2. tricknoun

    A single piece (or business) of a magician's (or any variety entertainer's) act.

    And for my next trick, I will pull a wombat out of a duffel bag.

  3. tricknoun

    An effective, clever or quick way of doing something.

    Tricks of the trade. What's the trick of getting this chair to fold up?

  4. tricknoun

    A sequence in which each player plays a card and a winning play is determined.

    I was able to take the second trick with the heart queen.

  5. tricknoun

    An act of prostitution. Generally used with turn.

    At the worst point, she was turning ten tricks a day.

  6. tricknoun

    A customer to a prostitute.

    As the businessman rounded the corner, she thought, "Here comes another trick."

  7. tricknoun

    An entertaining or difficult physical action.

    That's a nice skateboard, but can you do any tricks on it?

  8. tricknoun

    A daily period of work, especially in shift-based jobs.

  9. trickverb

    To fool; to cause to believe something untrue.

    You tried to trick me when you said that house was underpriced.

  10. trickadjective

    Stylish or cool.

    Wow, your new sportscar is so trick.

  11. Etymology: Either from trique (related to trichier; French: tricher), of origin, from trechen; Or from trek, from trekken, from trekken, treken, from *, *, from trakjanan, from dreg-. Cognate with trekken, trecken, trechen, trække, and trekka. Compare track, treachery, trig, and trigger.

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. Tricknoun

    Etymology: treck, Dutch.

    Sir Thomas Moor said, that a trick of law had no less power than the wheel of fortune, to lift men up, or cast them down. Walter Raleigh.

    A bantering droll took a journey to Delphos, to try if he could put a trick upon Apollo. Roger L'Estrange, Fables.

    Such a one thinks to find some shelter in my friendship, and I betray him: he comes to me for counsel and I shew him a trick. South.

    He swore by Stix,
    Whate’er she wou’d desire, to grant;
    But wise Ardelia knew his tricks. Jonathan Swift.

    Gather the lowest and leaving the top,
    Shall teach thee a trick for to double thy crop. Thomas Tusser.

    And now, as oft in some distemper’d state,
    On one nice trick depends the gen’ral fate. Alexander Pope.

    Suspicion shall be stuck full of eyes:
    For treason is but trusted like a fox,
    Who ne’er so tame, so cherish’d and lock’d up,
    Will have a wild trick of his ancestors. William Shakespeare.

    I entertain you with somewhat more worthy than the stale exploded trick of fulsom panegyricks. Dryden.

    Some friends to vice pretend,
    That I the tricks of youth too roughly blame. Dryden.

    A rev’rend prelate stopp’d his coach and six
    To laugh a little at our Andrew’s tricks. Matthew Prior.

    So fellest foes who broke their sleep,
    To take the one the other, by some chance,
    Some trick not worth an egg, shall grow dear friends. William Shakespeare, Coriolanus.

    I spoke it but according to the trick: if you’ll hang me you may. William Shakespeare.

    The trick of that voice I well remember. William Shakespeare.

    Although the print be little, the whole matter
    And copy of the father; eye, nose, lip,
    The trick of ’s frown, his forehead. William Shakespeare, Winter’s Tale.

  2. To Trickverb

    Etymology: from the noun; tricker, Fr.

    It is impossible that the whole world should thus conspire to cheat themselves, to put a delusion on mankind, and trick themselves into belief. , Sermons.

    And trick them up in knotted curls anew. Michael Drayton.

    They turned the imposture upon the king, and gave out, that to defeat the true inheritor he had tricked up a boy in the likeness of Edward Plantagenet. Francis Bacon, Henry VII.

    Horridly trickt
    With blood of fathers, mothers, daughters, sons,
    Bak’d and impasted with the parching fires. William Shakespeare.

    This pillar is but a medley, or a mass of all the precedent ornaments, making a new kind by stealth; and though the most richly tricked, yet the poorest in this, that he is a borrower of all his beauty. Henry Wotton, Architect.

    Their heads are trickt with tassels and flowers. George Sandys.

    Woful shepherds, weep no more,
    For Lycidas, your sorrow, is not dead:
    Sunk, though he be, beneath the wat’ry floor;
    So sinks the Day-star in the ocean bed,
    And yet anon repairs his drooping head,
    And tricks his beams, and with new spangled ore,
    Flames in the forehead of the morning sky. John Milton.

    A daw that had a mind to be sparkish, tricked himself up with all the gay feathers he could muster. Roger L'Estrange, Fab.

    Love is an airy good, opinion makes,
    That tricks and dresses up the gawdy dream. Dryden.

    People lavish it profusely in tricking up their children in fine cloaths, and yet starve their minds. John Locke.

    The colours and the ground prepare:
    Dip in the rainbow, trick her off in air,
    Chuse a firm cloud before it fall. Alexander Pope.

  3. To Trickverb

    To live by fraud.

    Thus they jog on, still tricking, never thriving,
    And murd’ring plays, which they call reviving. Dryden.


  1. trick

    Panic Channel (パニックちゃんねる, sometimes written PANIC☆ch) was an independent Japanese visual kei rock band signed to Mission Music Factory. They perform under two personae: パニックちゃんねる is their gothy visual kei side, and PANIC☆ch is a light visual boy band side.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Trickadjective

    an artifice or stratagem; a cunning contrivance; a sly procedure, usually with a dishonest intent; as, a trick in trade

  2. Trickadjective

    a sly, dexterous, or ingenious procedure fitted to puzzle or amuse; as, a bear's tricks; a juggler's tricks

  3. Trickadjective

    mischievous or annoying behavior; a prank; as, the tricks of boys

  4. Trickadjective

    a particular habit or manner; a peculiarity; a trait; as, a trick of drumming with the fingers; a trick of frowning

  5. Trickadjective

    a knot, braid, or plait of hair

  6. Trickadjective

    the whole number of cards played in one round, and consisting of as many cards as there are players

  7. Trickadjective

    a turn; specifically, the spell of a sailor at the helm, -- usually two hours

  8. Trickadjective

    a toy; a trifle; a plaything

  9. Trickverb

    to deceive by cunning or artifice; to impose on; to defraud; to cheat; as, to trick another in the sale of a horse

  10. Trickverb

    to dress; to decorate; to set off; to adorn fantastically; -- often followed by up, off, or out

  11. Trickverb

    to draw in outline, as with a pen; to delineate or distinguish without color, as arms, etc., in heraldry


  1. Trick

    Trick is a 1999 American gay-themed romantic comedy film written by Jason Schafer and directed by Jim Fall. Trick appeared at the Sundance and Berlin film festivals in 1999.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Trick

    trik, v.t. to dress, to decorate.—n. Trick′ing, the act of one who tricks: (Shak.) dress, ornament. [Celt.; W. treciaw, to adorn.]

  2. Trick

    trik, n. any fraud or stratagem to deceive, an illusion: a clever contrivance to puzzle, amuse, or annoy: a particular habit or manner, skill, adroitness, manner: a parcel of cards falling to a winner at one turn: any toy or gimcrack: a turn as at the helm: (slang) a watch.—v.t. to deceive, to cheat.—ns. Trick′er; Trick′ery, act or practice of playing tricks: artifice: stratagem: imposition.—adv. Trick′ily.—n. Trick′iness.—adj. Trick′ish, addicted to tricks: artful in making bargains.—adv. Trick′ishly, in a trickish manner: artfully: knavishly.—n. Trick′ishness, the state of being trickish or deceitful.—adv. Trick′ly, cleverly, deftly.—n. Trick′scene, a scene in which changes are made before the audience.—adjs. Trick′sey, Trick′sy, trickish, exhibiting artfulness: pretty, dainty, neat.—n. Trick′siness, state of being tricksey.—adj. Trick′some.—ns. Trick′ster, one who practises tricks, a cheat; Trick′-wig, a kind of wig worn by actors, the hair of which can be made to stand on end by a device.—adj. Trick′y. [O. Fr. tricher, to beguile—L. tricāri, to trifle.]

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. trick

    The time allotted to a man on duty at the helm. The same as spell.

Military Dictionary and Gazetteer

  1. trick

    A term used in heraldry to denote a mode of representing arms by sketching them in outline, and appending letters to express the tinctures, and sometimes numerals to indicate the repetition of changes.

Rap Dictionary

  1. trick

    (noun) Derogatory term usually referring to a female who uses her sexuality to deceive and/or manipulate others

  2. trick

    (noun) Whore, and the one who hires her is "the John." To "turn tricks" is to go be a whore.

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  1. trick

    Song lyrics by trick -- Explore a large variety of song lyrics performed by trick on the Lyrics.com website.

Surnames Frequency by Census Records

  1. TRICK

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Trick is ranked #32438 in terms of the most common surnames in America.

    The Trick surname appeared 709 times in the 2010 census and if you were to sample 100,000 people in the United States, approximately 0 would have the surname Trick.

    97.6% or 692 total occurrences were White.
    1.5% or 11 total occurrences were of two or more races.

British National Corpus

  1. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Trick' in Written Corpus Frequency: #4479

  2. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Trick' in Nouns Frequency: #1683

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Trick in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of Trick in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

Examples of Trick in a Sentence

  1. Michael Burg:

    It sends a message to others that dont want to be honest or trick people into doing this.

  2. Editor Curtis Houck:

    She painted leftists as somehow victims in all this, which is such a tiresome trick the left plays when people they don't like are in power. The image she paints of anyone who's not in her camp is one of brutality and violence that's such a tired trope yet it's actually dangerous. She's advocating for a more dramatic return to tribalism and that'll do nothing to cool the temperature of our discourse.

  3. Erin Perrine:

    We have publicly condemned any group that misuses President Trump's likeness, or otherwise implies an affiliation with Donald Trump reelection campaign, in order to confuse people and mislead donors, it is dishonest to trick people into thinking they are directly supporting the President's re-election when they are not.

  4. Alicia Au:

    Halloween is now embraced in Kuala Lumpur (the cosmopolitan capital of Malaysia), lots of malls will sell Halloween-related merchandise and bars will put up decorations. However, there is not so much trick or treating for the kids. I just don’t think that idea has caught on yet.

  5. Shinzo Abe:

    My view is that the French aren't very confident against the Japanese from a strategic perspective, the trick now is that you're not lobbying Defence, you're lobbying the various members of the NSC.

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Translations for Trick

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  • خدعةArabic
  • enganyarCatalan, Valencian
  • trik, kouzloCzech
  • List, Trick, Kunststück, austricksen, überlisten, Freier, Falle, Stich, verarschenGerman
  • μπάζα, χαρτωσιάGreek
  • truco, artimaña, engrupir, engañarSpanish
  • vemp, trikk, tempEstonian
  • azerikeriaBasque
  • حقه, نیرنگ, ترفندPersian
  • vedättää, trikki, temppu, tikki, poka, huiputtaa, juksata, höynäyttää, taikatemppu, huijata, petkuttaaFinnish
  • farce, tour, pli, rouler, truc, duper, tromper, embobinerFrench
  • car, cleasScottish Gaelic
  • טריק, תכסיסHebrew
  • bűvésztrükk, bűvészmutatvány, ütés, trükkHungarian
  • imbrogliareItalian
  • トリック, 欺き, 企み, 手品Japanese
  • sūtēla, dolumLatin
  • daya, perdayaMalay
  • trikk, triks, trick, knep, lure, narre, stikk, horekundeNorwegian
  • artimanha, enrolar, truque, enganarPortuguese
  • înșela, păcăliRomanian
  • обман, трюк, обмануть, одурачивать, облапошивать, облапошить, уловка, фокус, обманывать, взятка, одурачитьRussian
  • trick, lura, stick, knep, trolleritrick, trollkonst, torsk, fintSwedish
  • కనికట్టు, ఇంద్రజాలం, జిత్తుTelugu
  • трюкUkrainian
  • קונץYiddish
  • Chinese

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