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Princeton's WordNet

  1. tepee, tipi, teepee(noun)

    a Native American tent; usually of conical shape


  1. tipi(Noun)

    a cone-shaped tent traditionally used by many native peoples of the Great Plains of North America

  2. Origin: from Lakhota [tʰípi] ‘house’


  1. Tipi

    A tipi is a conical tent traditionally made of animal skins and wooden poles used by the nomadic tribes and sedentary tribal dwellers of the Great Plains. Tipis are stereotypically associated with Native Americans in the United States in general, but Native Americans from places other than the Great Plains mostly used different types of dwellings. The term wigwam is sometimes incorrectly used to refer to a tipi. The tipi was durable, provided warmth and comfort in winter, was dry during heavy rains, and was cool in the heat of summer. Tipis could be disassembled and packed away quickly when a tribe decided to move and could be reconstructed quickly upon settling in a new area. This portability was important to Plains Indians with their nomadic lifestyle. Modern tipi covers are usually made of canvas. Contemporary users of tipis include historical reenactors, back-to-the-land devotees, and Native American families attending powwows or encampments who wish to preserve and pass on a part of their heritage and tradition. The word tipi comes into English from the Lakota language; the word thípi consists of two elements: the verb thí, meaning "to dwell", and a pluralising enclitic, pi, and means "they dwell". Lakota verbs can be used as nouns and this is the case with thípi, which in practice just means "dwelling".

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