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Princeton's WordNet

  1. skip(noun)

    a gait in which steps and hops alternate

  2. omission, skip(verb)

    a mistake resulting from neglect

  3. jump, pass over, skip, skip over(verb)


    "He skipped a row in the text and so the sentence was incomprehensible"

  4. cut, skip(verb)

    intentionally fail to attend

    "cut class"

  5. hop, skip, hop-skip(verb)

    jump lightly

  6. decamp, skip, vamoose(verb)

    leave suddenly

    "She persuaded him to decamp"; "skip town"

  7. skip, bound off(verb)

    bound off one point after another

  8. skim, skip, skitter(verb)

    cause to skip over a surface

    "Skip a stone across the pond"


  1. skip(Noun)

    A leaping, jumping or skipping movement.

  2. skip(Verb)

    To move by hopping on alternate feet.

    She will skip from one end of the sidewalk to the other.

  3. skip(Verb)

    To leap about lightly.

  4. skip

    To skim, ricochet or bounce over a surface.

    The rock will skip across the pond.

  5. skip

    To throw (something), making it skim, ricochet, or bounce over a surface.

    I bet I can skip this rock to the other side of the pond.

  6. skip

    To disregard, miss or omit part of a continuation (some item or stage).

  7. skip

    To place an item in a skip.

  8. skip

    Not to attend (some event, especially a class or a meeting).

    Yeah, I really should go to the quarterly meeting but I think I'm going to skip it.

  9. skip

    To leave; as, to skip town, to skip the country.

  10. skip

    To jump rope.

  11. skip(Noun)

    A large open-topped rubbish bin, designed to be lifted onto the back of a truck to take away both bin and contents. See also skep.

  12. skip(Noun)

    A transportation container in a mine, usually for ore or mullock.

  13. skip(Noun)

    Short for skipper, the master or captain of a ship, or other person in authority.

  14. skip(Noun)

    The player who calls the shots and traditionally throws the last two rocks.

  15. skip(Noun)

    An Australian person of Anglo-Celtic descent.

    2001: Effie: How did you find the second, the defacto, and what nationality is she? Barber: She is Australian. Effie: Is she? Gone for a skip. You little radical you. uE000149697uE001 Mary Coustas as her character Effie, TV series Effie: Just Quietly, 2001, episode Nearest and Dearest

Webster Dictionary

  1. Skip(noun)

    a basket. See Skep

  2. Skip(noun)

    a basket on wheels, used in cotton factories

  3. Skip(noun)

    an iron bucket, which slides between guides, for hoisting mineral and rock

  4. Skip(noun)

    a charge of sirup in the pans

  5. Skip(noun)

    a beehive; a skep

  6. Skip(verb)

    to leap lightly; to move in leaps and hounds; -- commonly implying a sportive spirit

  7. Skip(verb)

    fig.: To leave matters unnoticed, as in reading, speaking, or writing; to pass by, or overlook, portions of a thing; -- often followed by over

  8. Skip(verb)

    to leap lightly over; as, to skip the rope

  9. Skip(verb)

    to pass over or by without notice; to omit; to miss; as, to skip a line in reading; to skip a lesson

  10. Skip(verb)

    to cause to skip; as, to skip a stone

  11. Skip(noun)

    a light leap or bound

  12. Skip(noun)

    the act of passing over an interval from one thing to another; an omission of a part

  13. Skip(noun)

    a passage from one sound to another by more than a degree at once

  14. Origin: [See Skep.]


  1. Skip

    A skip is a large open-topped waste container designed for loading onto a special type of lorry. Instead of being emptied into a garbage truck on site, as a wheely bin is, a skip is removed, or replaced by an empty skip, and then tipped at a landfill site or transfer station. Typically skip bins have a distinctive shape, the longitudinal cross-section of the skip bin looks like one or two trapezoids sat one on top of the other. The lower trapezoid has the smaller edge at the bottom of the skip bin, and a longer edge at the top. Where there is an upper trapezoid, it has the smaller edge at the top. At either end the skip bin there is a sloping floor or wall. On either side of the skip bin there is usually two lugs onto which chains can be attached. It is using the chains attached to the lug that allows the heavy skip bin to be lifted on to, or off of a lorry.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Skip

    skip, v.i. to leap: to bound lightly and joyfully: to pass over.—v.t. to leap over: to omit:—pr.p. skip′ping; pa.t. and pa.p. skipped.—n. a light leap: a bound: the omission of a part: the captain of a side at bowls and curling: a college servant.—ns. Skip′jack, an impudent fellow: the blue-fish, saurel, &c.; Skip′-ken′nel, one who has to jump the gutters, a lackey; Skip′per, one who skips: a dancer: (Shak.) a young thoughtless person: a hesperian butterfly.—adj. Skip′ping, flighty, giddy.—adv. Skip′pingly, in a skipping manner: by skips or leaps.—n. Skip′ping-rope, a rope used in skipping. [Either Celt., according to Skeat, from Ir. sgiob, to snatch, Gael. sgiab, to move suddenly, W. ysgipio, to snatch away; or Teut., conn. with Ice. skopa, to run.]

  2. Skip

    skip, n. an iron box for raising ore running between guides, or in inclined shafts fitted with wheels to run on a track, a mine-truck.

Editors Contribution

  1. skip

    A type of container, receptacle and product created and designed in various colors, materials, mechanisms, shapes and sizes to put a variety of materials in.

    A lot of skips are used in the construction industry and a variety of businesses that use packaging etc.

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of SKIP in Chaldean Numerology is: 5

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of SKIP in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Knute Rockne:

    Drink the first. Sip the second slowly. Skip the third.

  2. Tom Zegan:

    If I had to do it all over again I'd skip the first grade.

  3. Andy Kingery:

    Skip Wells died doing what he wanted to do and had chosen to do.

  4. Hillary Clinton:

    I just could not ever skip New Hampshire, i cannot even imagine not being here.

  5. Unknown:

    EGO is the only requirement to destroy any relationship. So, be a BiGGER person, skip the E and let it GO

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Translations for SKIP

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • vynechat, hopsat, zasklít, poskakovat, přeskočit, vypustitCzech
  • springeDanish
  • schwänzen, weglassen, überspringen, hüpfenGerman
  • χοροπηδώGreek
  • saltar, saltearSpanish
  • hyppiä, lintsata, sivuuttaa, kimmota, jätelava, kapteeni, olla poissa, kimpoilla, hypähdellä, hyppely, roskalava, kippari, jättää väliin, hypelläFinnish
  • benne, sautiller, sauterFrench
  • leumScottish Gaelic
  • contedor, colector do lixoGalician
  • छोड़Hindi
  • ÁtugraniHungarian
  • melewatkanIndonesian
  • saltare, saltellare, SaltaItalian
  • לדלגHebrew
  • はね回るJapanese
  • salito, sallito, skipLatin
  • piu, piupiuMāori
  • utelate, over, skulke, hoppe, droppeNorwegian
  • huppelen, overslaan, hoppen, hinkelenDutch
  • skulke, utelate, over, droppe, hoppeNorwegian Nynorsk
  • kosz na śmieciPolish
  • caçamba de entulho, caçamba, saltitarPortuguese
  • прогу́ливать, пропуска́ть, перескакивать, прогуля́ть, пропусти́тьRussian
  • baja, kontejner za otpadSerbo-Croatian
  • skutta, container, skipper, hoppa över, skippa, hoppa, skipSwedish
  • sekmek, kaçmakTurkish
  • سکپUrdu

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