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Princeton's WordNet

  1. shag(noun)

    a strong coarse tobacco that has been shredded

  2. shag(noun)

    a matted tangle of hair or fiber

    "the dog's woolly shag"

  3. shag(noun)

    a fabric with long coarse nap

    "he bought a shag rug"

  4. fuck, fucking, screw, screwing, ass, nooky, nookie, piece of ass, piece of tail, roll in the hay, shag, shtup(noun)

    slang for sexual intercourse

  5. shag(verb)

    a lively dance step consisting of hopping on each foot in turn

  6. shag(verb)

    dance the shag


  1. shag(Noun)

    Several species of sea birds in the family Phalacrocoracidae (cormorant family), especially the common shag or European shag, Phalacrocorax aristotelis, found on European and African coasts.

  2. shag(Noun)

    A swing dance.

  3. shag(Noun)

    An act of sexual intercourse.

  4. shag

    A sexual partner

  5. shag(Verb)

    To shake, wiggle around.

  6. shag(Verb)

    To have sexual intercourse with.

  7. shag

    To masturbate.

  8. shag

    To chase after; especially : to chase after and return (a ball) hit usually out of play

  9. shag(Noun)

    A fundraising dance in honour of a couple engaged to be married.

  10. Origin: sceacga, akin to Old Norse skegg, beard (compare Danish skæg, spelling before the writing reform of 1948: skjæg, Norwegian skjegg, Swedish skägg), from Old Norse skaga, to protrude.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Shag(noun)

    coarse hair or nap; rough, woolly hair

  2. Shag(noun)

    a kind of cloth having a long, coarse nap

  3. Shag(noun)

    a kind of prepared tobacco cut fine

  4. Shag(noun)

    any species of cormorant

  5. Shag(adj)

    hairy; shaggy

  6. Shag(verb)

    to make hairy or shaggy; hence, to make rough

  7. Origin: [AS. sceacga a bush of hair; akin to Icel. skegg the beard, Sw. skgg, Dan. skjg. Cf. Schock of hair.]


  1. Shag

    Josh Agle is an American artist, better known by the nickname Shag.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Shag

    shag, n. woolly hair: cloth with a rough nap: a kind of tobacco cut into shreds.—adj. rough, hairy.—v.t. to roughen, make shaggy.—v.i. (Spens.) to hang in shaggy clusters.—adjs. Shag′-eared (Shak.), having shaggy or rough ears; Shag′ged, shaggy, rough.—n. Shag′gedness.—adv. Shag′gily.—n. Shag′giness.—adjs. Shag′gy, covered with rough hair or wool: rough: rugged; Shag′-haired, having long, rough hair. [A.S. sceacga, a head of hair; Ice. skegg, beard, skagi, cape (in Shetland, skaw).]

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    The numerical value of SHAG in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Frederic Goudy:

    Men who would letterspace lower case would shag sheep

  2. David Letterman:

    To me the fun of it would've just been boring people silly: Here we have a medium-shag burnt orange ... Here we have the avocado. I would have done that -- I would do that, if you can get me that carpet-sample book, I'll do that Monday.

  3. David Letterman:

    To me the fun of it would've just been boring people silly: 'Here we have a medium-shag burnt orange. ... Here we have the avocado.' I would have done that -- I would do that, if you can get me that carpet-sample book, I'll do that Monday.

  4. Stella Lee:

    The inside of the nose is lined by a multitude of cilia( which look like a shag carpet under the microscope) that are constantly providing clearance of mucus, pathogens and inhaled particulates to the back of the nose by beating in a rhythmic motion, it is amazing that our noses can differentiate between potentially harmful pathogens and innocuous agents.

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Translations for SHAG

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • skarv, topskarvDanish
  • bumsen, KrähenscharbeGerman
  • γαμήσιGreek
  • cormorán moñudo, cormoránSpanish
  • nikkumaEstonian
  • vipeltää, sätkätupakka, karimetso, pano, panna, karvalanka, tukko, merimetso, shagFinnish
  • hopp, putt, skarvur, mogg, nummar, nipp, lítiðFaroese
  • baiser, tabac à rouler, cormoran, baise, sauter, huppéFrench
  • feeagh marrey, hulpinManx
  • toppskarfurIcelandic
  • seguire, trinciato, chiavare, viluppo, compagno, agitarsi, tappeto a pelo lungo e irregolare, scopare, dimenarsi, tabacco grossolano, stare alle calcagna, pedinare, intrico, intreccio, marangone, scopataItalian
  • ファック, エッチ, やる, 犯すJapanese
  • dulkintis, kormoranasLithuanian
  • wip, wippen, shag, kuifaalscholver, wiebelenDutch
  • knull, knulleNorwegian
  • mieszać, pieprzyć sięPolish
  • corvo-marinhoPortuguese
  • отдрю́читься, потра́хаться, тра́хать, меша́ть, тра́хальщица, тра́хаться, тра́ханье, дрю́чить, поиме́ть, махо́рка, бакла́н, шэг, отдрю́чить, отыме́ть, гоня́ться, тра́хнуть, дрю́читься, тра́хнуться, трясти́, тра́хальRussian
  • kresnutiSerbo-Croatian
  • knulla, ligg, knull, skakaSwedish
  • รวม เพศ, เย๊ดThai
  • qoqishUzbek
  • quan hệ tình dụcVietnamese

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