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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Piedmont(noun)

    the plateau between the coastal plain and the Appalachian Mountains: parts of Virginia and North and South Carolina and Georgia and Alabama

  2. piedmont(noun)

    a gentle slope leading from the base of a mountain to a region of flat land

  3. Piedmont, Piemonte(noun)

    the region of northwestern Italy; includes the Po valley


  1. Piedmont(ProperNoun)

    Region in the north of Italy.

  2. piedmont(Noun)

    Any region of foothills of a mountain range.

  3. piedmont(Adjective)

    Formed or lying at the foot of a mountain range.

  4. Origin: From Piedmont, ultimately from piémonte; cognate with French piémont.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Piedmont(adj)

    noting the region of foothills near the base of a mountain chain

  2. Origin: [F. pied foot + mont mountain.]


  1. Piedmont

    Piedmont is one of the 20 regions of Italy. It has an area of 25,402 square kilometres and a population of about 4.4 million. The capital of Piedmont is Turin. The main local language is Piedmontese. Occitan is also spoken by a minority in the Occitan Valleys situated in the Provinces of Cuneo and Turin. Franco-Provençal is also spoken by another minority in the alpine heights of the Province of Turin. The name Piedmont comes from medieval Latin Pedemontium or Pedemontis, i.e., ad pedem montium, meaning “at the foot of the mountains”.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Piedmont

    a district of Italy, formerly a principality, ruled by the house of Savoy, surrounded by the Alps, the Apennines, and the river Ticino; occupies the W. end of the great fertile valley of the Po, a hilly region rich in vines and mulberries, and a mountainous tract with forests and grazing land intersected by lovely valleys, which send streams down into the Po; the people are industrious; textile manufactures are extensive, and agriculture is skilful; Turin, the largest town, was the capital of Italy 1859-1865; in the glens of the Cottian Alps the Vaudois or Waldenses, after much persecution, still dwell.

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Piedmont in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

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    The numerical value of Piedmont in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

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