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Princeton's WordNet

  1. paste(noun)

    any mixture of a soft and malleable consistency

  2. paste(noun)

    a hard, brilliant lead glass that is used in making artificial jewelry

  3. paste, library paste(noun)

    an adhesive made from water and flour or starch; used on paper and paperboard

  4. spread, paste(verb)

    a tasty mixture to be spread on bread or crackers or used in preparing other dishes

  5. glue, paste(verb)

    join or attach with or as if with glue

    "paste the sign on the wall"; "cut and paste the sentence in the text"

  6. paste(verb)

    hit with the fists

    "He pasted his opponent"

  7. paste(verb)

    cover the surface of

    "paste the wall with burlap"


  1. paste(Noun)

    A soft mixture, in particular:

  2. paste(Noun)

    Specifically, one of flour, fat, or similar ingredients used in making pastry.

  3. paste(Noun)

    Specifically, one of pounded foods, such as fish paste, liver paste, or tomato paste.

  4. paste(Noun)

    Specifically, one used as an adhesive, especially for putting up wallpapers, etc.

  5. paste(Noun)

    A substance that behaves as a solid until a sufficiently large load or stress is applied, at which point it flows like a fluid

  6. paste(Noun)

    A hard lead-containing glass, or an artificial gemstone made from this glass.

  7. paste(Noun)


  8. paste(Verb)

    To stick with paste; to cause to adhere by or as if by paste.

  9. paste(Verb)

    To insert a piece of media (e.g. text, picture, audio, video, movie container etc.) previously copied or cut from somewhere else.

  10. paste(Verb)

    To strike or beat someone or something.

  11. paste(Verb)

    To defeat decisively or by a large margin.

  12. Origin: From (modern pâte), from pasta, from .

Webster Dictionary

  1. Paste(noun)

    a soft composition, as of flour moistened with water or milk, or of earth moistened to the consistence of dough, as in making potter's ware

  2. Paste(noun)

    specifically, in cookery, a dough prepared for the crust of pies and the like; pastry dough

  3. Paste(noun)

    a kind of cement made of flour and water, starch and water, or the like, -- used for uniting paper or other substances, as in bookbinding, etc., -- also used in calico printing as a vehicle for mordant or color

  4. Paste(noun)

    a highly refractive vitreous composition, variously colored, used in making imitations of precious stones or gems. See Strass

  5. Paste(noun)

    a soft confection made of the inspissated juice of fruit, licorice, or the like, with sugar, etc

  6. Paste(noun)

    the mineral substance in which other minerals are imbedded

  7. Paste(verb)

    to unite with paste; to fasten or join by means of paste

  8. Origin: [OF. paste, F. pte, L. pasta, fr. Gr. barley broth; cf. barley porridge, sprinkled with salt, to sprinkle. Cf. Pasty, n., Patty.]


  1. Paste

    Paste is a monthly music and entertainment digital magazine published in the United States by Wolfgang's Vault. Its tagline is "Signs of Life in Music, Film and Culture."

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Paste

    pāst, n. a mass of anything made soft by wetting: flour and water forming dough for pies, &c.: a cement made of flour, water, &c.: a fine kind of glass for making artificial gems.—v.t. to fasten with paste.—n. Paste′board, a stiff board made of sheets of paper pasted together, &c.—adj. made of such, unsubstantial. [O. Fr. paste (Fr. pâte)—Late L. pasta—Gr. pastē, a mess of food—pastos, salted—passein, to sprinkle.]

Editors Contribution

  1. paste

    A type of adhesive and product created and formulated in various colors, formula and substances and used to hang wallpaper and for a variety of other purposes.

    We bought a bag of paste in the local ironmongers as we planned on hanging up our new wallpaper when we got home, they always have what we need, were grateful.

Anagrams for Paste »

  1. pates, pâtés, peats, septa, spate, stape, tapes

  2. Pates

  3. Peats

  4. Septa

  5. Spate

  6. Stape

  7. Tapes


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Paste in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of Paste in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Anibal Fernandez:

    They haven't managed to stand any of it up, the first 50 pages are 'copy paste' from the heap that Nisman presented.

  2. Perry Stimpson:

    Another common practice on the Investor Desk was to cut and paste details of Citibank's order book on to Bloomberg chats at the request of customers.

  3. Mickey Mehta:

    Joy is like sandalwood paste(chandan), each time you apply it to someone's forehead, your own being gets fragrant with it. So touch everyone's life with happiness and let your joy be maximized, get MickeyMized"" Share this and fill this world with billions of smiles.


    Jack of all trades, master of none Jacking up WISDOM with everyone That was stolen from a little old man Because he thinks everyone's dumb. He's a Doctor and a Faith Healer He's a Teacher and a Cheater He's a PREACHER and a Sinner He's a Musician and a Politician He's a Judge with a grudge He is trying to be an Artist But nobody was pleased. Jack of all trades Speaking highly of his trades But not even a master of one. Records, showed none... A COPY and PASTE TEACHER, And a PAINTLESS PAINTER. Trying to be a motivator, But, avoids his own mirror. Advice foods and health facts, But who's overweight and fat. Words of pretense, But a bad influence. Tried to create more, But achieve worse than before. Kindness is his devotion, But it's the opposite of his actions. Love and peace as problem solutions, But shows love of gun collections. Your virtue of righteousness, Are just a paradox, it is worthless. You're no mystery, But just plain MISERY. Jack of all trades, For sure master of NONE.

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