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Princeton's WordNet

  1. parvovirus, parvo(noun)

    any of a group of viruses containing DNA in an icosahedral protein shell and causing disease in dogs and cattle; not known to be associated with any human disease


  1. parvovirus(Noun)

    any single-stranded DNA viruses, of the genus Parvovirus, being the smallest found in nature; they infect only mammals


  1. Parvovirus

    Parvovirus, sometimes truncated to "parvo", is both the common name in English casually applied to all the viruses in the Parvoviridae taxonomic family and also the taxonomic name of the Parvovirus genus within the Parvoviridae family. This creates a confusion of terms, because parvoviruses which causes human and animal diseases are not in the genus Parvovirus, though they are casually called parvoviruses. Parvoviruses are typically linear, non-segmented single-stranded DNA viruses, with an average genome size of 5000 nucleotides. Parvoviruses are some of the smallest viruses and are 18–26 nm in diameter. Many types of mammalian species have a strain of parvovirus associated with them. Parvoviruses tend to be specific about the taxon of animal they will infect, but this is a somewhat flexible characteristic. Thus, all strains of canine parvovirus will affect dogs, wolves, and foxes, but only some of them will infect cats. No members of the genus Parvovirus are currently known to infect humans, but humans can be infected by viruses within three other genera from the family Parvoviridae, including the one popularly known by the common name Parvovirus B19. These are the Dependoviruses, the Erythroviruses and the Bocaviruses.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Parvovirus

    A genus of the family PARVOVIRIDAE, subfamily PARVOVIRINAE, infecting a variety of vertebrates including humans. Parvoviruses are responsible for a number of important diseases but also can be non-pathogenic in certain hosts. The type species is MINUTE VIRUS OF MICE.


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    The numerical value of Parvovirus in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8

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