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Princeton's WordNet

  1. pyx, pix, pyx chest, pix chest(noun)

    a chest in which coins from the mint are held to await assay

  2. pyx, pix(noun)

    any receptacle in which wafers for the Eucharist are kept


  1. pyx(Noun)

    the small container used to hold the consecrated bread of the Eucharist

  2. Origin: pyxis, from late πυξις.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Pyx(noun)

    the box, case, vase, or tabernacle, in which the host is reserved

  2. Pyx(noun)

    a box used in the British mint as a place of deposit for certain sample coins taken for a trial of the weight and fineness of metal before it is sent from the mint

  3. Pyx(noun)

    the box in which the compass is suspended; the binnacle

  4. Pyx(noun)

    same as Pyxis

  5. Pyx(verb)

    to test as to weight and fineness, as the coins deposited in the pyx

  6. Origin: [L. pyxis a box, Gr. pyxi`s a box, especially of boxwood, fr. py`xos the box tree or boxwood. See Box a receptacle.]


  1. Pyx

    A pyx or pix is a small round container used in the Catholic, Old Catholic and Anglican Churches to carry the consecrated host, to the sick or those otherwise unable to come to a church in order to receive Holy Communion. The term can also be used in archaeology and art history to describe small round lidded boxes designed for any purpose from antiquity or the Middle Ages, such as those used to hold coins for the Trial of the Pyx in England.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Pyx

    piks, n. (R.C.) the sacred box in which the host is kept after consecration: the box at the British Mint containing sample coins.—v.t. to test the weight and fineness of, as the coin deposited in the pyx.—Trial of the pyx, final trial by weight and assay of the gold and silver coins of the United Kingdom, prior to their issue from the Mint. [L. pyxis, a box—Gr. pyxispyxos (L. buxus), the box-tree.]

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Pyx

    the name of a cup-shaped, gold-lined vessel, with lid, used in the Roman Catholic churches for containing the eucharistic elements after their consecration either for adoration in the churches or for conveying to sick-rooms. Pyx means "box." Hence Trial of the Pyx is the annual test of the British coinage, for which purpose one coin in every 15 lbs. of gold and one in every 60 lbs. of silver coined is set aside in a pyx or box.

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