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Princeton's WordNet

  1. nothing, nil, nix, nada, null, aught, cipher, cypher, goose egg, naught, zero, zilch, zip, zippo(adj)

    a quantity of no importance

    "it looked like nothing I had ever seen before"; "reduced to nil all the work we had done"; "we racked up a pathetic goose egg"; "it was all for naught"; "I didn't hear zilch about it"

  2. null, void(adj)

    lacking any legal or binding force

    "null and void"


  1. Null(a.)

    Having a value of zero; as, of null utility.

  2. Null(a.)

    (Math.) Empty; having no members; as, the null set.

  3. Null(a.)

    (Computers) Unassigned or meaningless; -- a special value given to variables, especially pointers or logical variables, indicating that it is meaningless and cannot be used in computation; as, an uninitialized pointer in "C" is given a null value. The actual value that is stored in memory to indicate the null condition may vary with the computer language used.

  4. Origin: [L. nullus not any, none; ne not + ullus any, a dim. of unus one; cf. F. nul. See No, and One, and cf. None.]


  1. null(Noun)

    A non-existent or empty value or set of values.

  2. null(Noun)

    Zero quantity of expressions; nothing.

  3. null(Noun)

    the ASCII or Unicode character (), represented by a zero value, that indicates no character and is sometimes used as a string terminator.

  4. null(Noun)

    the attribute of an entity that has no valid value.

    Since no date of birth was entered for the patient, his age is null.

  5. null(Noun)

    One of the beads in nulled work.

  6. null(Verb)

    to nullify

  7. null(Adjective)

    Having no validity, "null and void"

  8. null(Adjective)


  9. null(Adjective)

    absent or non-existent

  10. null(Adjective)

    of the null set

  11. null(Adjective)

    of or comprising a value of precisely zero

  12. null(Adjective)

    causing a complete loss of gene function, amorphic.

  13. Origin: From nul, from nullus.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Null(adj)

    of no legal or binding force or validity; of no efficacy; invalid; void; nugatory; useless

  2. Null(noun)

    something that has no force or meaning

  3. Null(noun)

    that which has no value; a cipher; zero

  4. Null(verb)

    to annul

  5. Null(noun)

    one of the beads in nulled work

  6. Origin: [L. nullus not any, none; ne not + ullus any, a dim. of unus one; cf. F. nul. See No, and One, and cf. None.]


  1. Null

    Null is a special marker used in Structured Query Language (SQL) to indicate that a data value does not exist in the database. Introduced by the creator of the relational database model, E. F. Codd, SQL Null serves to fulfill the requirement that all true relational database management systems support a representation of "missing information and inapplicable information". Codd also introduced the use of the lowercase Greek omega symbol to represent Null in database theory. NULL is also an SQL reserved keyword used to identify the Null special marker. Null has been the focus of controversy and a source of debate because of its associated three-valued logic, special requirements for its use in SQL joins, and the special handling required by aggregate functions and SQL grouping operators. Computer science professor Ron van der Meyden summarized the various issues as: "The inconsistencies in the SQL standard mean that it is not possible to ascribe any intuitive logical semantics to the treatment of nulls in SQL." Although various proposals have been made for resolving these issues, the complexity of the alternatives has prevented their widespread adoption. For people who aren't database experts, a good way to remember what null means is to remember that in terms of information, "lack of a value" is not the same thing as "a value of zero"; similarly, "lack of an answer" is not the same thing as "an answer of no". For example, consider the question "How many books does Juan own?" The answer may be "zero" or "null". In a database table, the column reporting this answer would start out with a value of null, and it would not be updated with "zero" until we have ascertained that Juan owns no books. Similarly, when the question is, "Does Juanita own a car?", the answer "we don't know" is not the same thing as "no". The former yields a database entry of "null"; only the latter yields a database entry of "no".

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Null

    nul, adj. of no legal force: void: invalid: of no importance.—n. something of no value or meaning, a cipher: a bead-like raised work.—v.t. to annul, nullify.—v.i. to kink: to form nulls, or into nulls, as in a lathe.—Nulled work, woodwork turned by means of a lathe so as to form a series of connected knobs—for rounds of chairs, &c. [L. nullus, not any, from ne, not, ullus, any.]

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Null in Chaldean Numerology is: 8

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of Null in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. The Supreme Court in December:

    Decisions taken or to be taken by the National Assembly while these citizens are incorporated will be absolutely null.

  2. Walter Bagehot:

    The most intellectual of men are moved quite as much by the circumstances which they are used to as by their own will. The active voluntary part of a man is very small, and if it were not economized by a sleepy kind of habit, its results would be null.

  3. Julie Burchill:

    Prostitution is the supreme triumph of capitalism. Worst of all, prostitution reinforces all the old dumb clich?s about women's sexuality; that they are not built to enjoy sex and are little more than walking masturbation aids, things to be DONE TO, things so sensually null and void that they have to be paid to indulge in fornication, that women can be had, bought, as often as not sold from one man to another. When the sex war is won prostitutes should be shot as collaborators for their terrible betrayal of all women, for the moral tarring and feathering they give indigenous women who have had the bad luck to live in what they make their humping ground.

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