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Definitions for Monoclonalˌmɒn əˈkloʊn l

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. monoclonal antibody, monoclonal(adj)

    any of a class of antibodies produced in the laboratory by a single clone of cells or a cell line and consisting of identical antibody molecules

  2. monoclonal(adj)

    forming or derived from a single clone


  1. monoclonal(Noun)

    something produced from a single clone, especially a monoclonal antibody

  2. monoclonal(Adjective)

    genetically engineered from a single clone; used especially of a protein or antibody

  3. Origin: mono- + clone + -al


  1. Monoclonal

    Monoclonal cells are defined as a group of cells produced from a single ancestral cell by repeated cellular replication. Thus they can be said to form a single "clone". The process of replication can occur in vivo, or may be stimulated in vitro for laboratory manipulations. The use of the term typically implies that there is some method to distinguish between the cells of the original population from which the single ancestral cell is derived, such as a random genetic alteration, which is inherited by the progeny. The most common usages of this term are: ⁕Monoclonal antibodies: A single hybridoma cell, which by chance includes the appropriate VJ recombination to produce the desired antibody, is cloned to produce a large population of identical cells. In informal laboratory jargon the monoclonal antibodies isolated from cell culture supernatants of these hybridoma clones are simply called "monoclonals". ⁕Monoclonal neoplasms: A single aberrant cell which has undergone an oncogenic event reproduces itself into a large cancerous mass.


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    The numerical value of Monoclonal in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

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