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Definitions for Metathesisməˈtæθ ə sɪs; -ˌsiz; ˈkʌmf tər bəl

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. metathesis(noun)

    a linguistic process of transposition of sounds or syllables within a word or words within a sentence

  2. double decomposition, double decomposition reaction, metathesis(noun)

    a chemical reaction between two compounds in which parts of each are interchanged to form two new compounds (AB+CD=AD+CB)


  1. metathesis(Noun)

    the transposition of letters, syllables or sounds within a word, such as in ask as /u00E6ks/

  2. metathesis(Noun)

    the double decomposition of inorganic salts

  3. metathesis(Noun)

    the breaking and reforming of double bonds in olefins in which substituent groups are swapped

  4. Origin: From metathesis, from μετάθεσις, from μετά + θέσις.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Metathesis(noun)

    transposition, as of the letters or syllables of a word; as, pistris for pristis; meagre for meager

  2. Metathesis(noun)

    a mere change in place of a morbid substance, without removal from the body

  3. Metathesis(noun)

    the act, process, or result of exchange, substitution, or replacement of atoms and radicals; thus, by metathesis an acid gives up all or part of its hydrogen, takes on an equivalent amount of a metal or base, and forms a salt

  4. Origin: [L., fr. Gr. meta`qesis, fr. metatiqe`nai to place differently, to transpose; meta` beyond, over + tiqe`nai to place, set. See Thesis.]


  1. Metathesis

    Metathesis is the re-arranging of sounds or syllables in a word, or of words in a sentence. Most commonly it refers to the switching of two or more contiguous sounds, known as adjacent metathesis or local metathesis: ⁕foliage → **foilage ⁕cavalry → **calvary Metathesis may also involve switching non-contiguous sounds, known as nonadjacent metathesis, long-distance metathesis, or hyperthesis: ⁕Latin parabola > Spanish palabra 'word' ⁕Latin miraculum > Spanish milagro 'miracle' Many languages have words that show this phenomenon, and some use it as a regular part of their grammar. The process of metathesis has altered the shape of many familiar words in the English language, as well. The original form before metathesis may be deduced from older forms of words in the language's lexicon, or, if no forms are preserved, from phonological reconstruction. In some cases, including English "ask", it is not possible to settle with certainty on the original version.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Metathesis

    me-tath′es-is, n. (gram.) a change of place of the letters or syllables of a word.—adjs. Metathet′ic, -al. [Gr.,—metatithenai, to transpose—meta, over, tithenai, to place.]


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    The numerical value of Metathesis in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

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  1. Metathesis

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