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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Manx(noun)

    the ancient Gaelic formerly spoken on the Isle of Man; the language is sometimes used on ceremonial occasions

  2. Manx, Manx cat(adj)

    a short-haired tailless breed of cat believed to originate on the Isle of Man

  3. Manx(adj)

    of or relating to the Isle of Man or its inhabitants or their language

    "the Manx fishing industry"; "there are few Manx speakers alive today"


  1. Manx(Noun)

    A member or descendant of the Celto-Germanic people of the Isle of Man; a Manxman or Manxwoman.

  2. Manx(Noun)

    A breed of domestic cat native to the Isle of Man, principally characterized by suppression of the tail, and with a short-haired coat and rounded, cobby body.

  3. Manx(Noun)

    A cat of the Manx breed; a Manx cat.

  4. Manx(Adjective)

    relating to the Isle of Man and/or its Celto-Germanic people.

  5. Manx(Adjective)

    relating to the Manx language (also known as Manx Gaelic), a Goidelic language of the Celtic family.

  6. Manx(Adjective)

    relating to the Manx cat breed.

  7. Manx(ProperNoun)

    Manx Gaelic, a Goidelic Celtic language spoken on the Isle of Man.

  8. Origin: Altered from Maniske, from Mansk, from assumed manskr, an adjectival form of Mana, Mon.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Manx(adj)

    of or pertaining to the Isle of Man, or its inhabitants; as, the Manx language

  2. Manx(noun)

    the language of the inhabitants of the Isle of Man, a dialect of the Celtic


  1. Manx

    The Manx cat, in earlier times often spelled Manks, is a breed of domestic cat originating on the Isle of Man in the British Isles, with a naturally occurring mutation that shortens the tail. Many Manx have a small stub of a tail, but Manx cats are best known as being entirely tailless; this is the most distinguishing characteristic of the breed, along with elongated rear legs and a rounded head. Manx cats come in all coat colours and patterns, though all-white specimens are rare, and the coat range of the original stock was more limited. Long-haired variants are sometimes considered a separate breed, the Cymric. Manx are prized as skilled hunters, and thus have often been sought by farmers with rodent problems, and been a preferred ship's cat breed. They are said to be social, tame and active. An old local term for the cats on their home island is stubbin. Manx have been exhibited in cat shows since the 1800s, with the first known breed standard published in 1903.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Manx

    mangks, n. the language of the Isle of Man, belonging to the Gadhelic branch of Celtic.—adj. pertaining to the Isle of Man or to its inhabitants.

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