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Princeton's WordNet

  1. lava(noun)

    rock that in its molten form (as magma) issues from volcanos; lava is what magma is called when it reaches the surface


  1. lava(Noun)

    The melted rock ejected by a volcano from its crater or fissured sides.

  2. lava(Noun)


  3. Lava(ProperNoun)

    One of the twin children of the Lord Ru0101ma and his wife Sita in the Ramayana.

  4. Origin: lava, lava, originally, in Naples, a torrent of rain overflowing the streets, from Italian and lavare, to wash. See lave

Webster Dictionary

  1. Lava(noun)

    the melted rock ejected by a volcano from its top or fissured sides. It flows out in streams sometimes miles in length. It also issues from fissures in the earth's surface, and forms beds covering many square miles, as in the Northwestern United States

  2. Origin: [It. lava lava, orig. in Naples, a torrent of rain overflowing the streets, fr. It. & L. lavare to wash. See Lave.]


  1. Lava

    Lava refers both to molten rock expelled by a volcano during an eruption and the resulting rock after solidification and cooling. This molten rock is formed in the interior of some planets, including Earth, and some of their satellites. When first erupted from a volcanic vent, lava is a liquid at temperatures from 700 to 1,200 °C. Up to 100,000 times as viscous as water, lava can flow great distances before cooling and solidifying because of its thixotropic and shear thinning properties. A lava flow is a moving outpouring of lava, which is created during a non-explosive effusive eruption. When it has stopped moving, lava solidifies to form igneous rock. The term lava flow is commonly shortened to lava. Explosive eruptions produce a mixture of volcanic ash and other fragments called tephra, rather than lava flows. The word "lava" comes from Italian, and is probably derived from the Latin word labes which means a fall or slide. The first use in connection with extruded magma was apparently in a short account written by Francesco Serao on the eruption of Vesuvius between May 14 and June 4, 1737. Serao described "a flow of fiery lava" as an analogy to the flow of water and mud down the flanks of the volcano following heavy rain.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Lava

    lä′va, n. the melted matter discharged from a burning mountain, that flows down its sides. [It. lava, a stream—L. lavāre, to wash.]

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Lava

    a general term for all rocks originating in molten streams from volcanoes, includes traps, basalts, pumice, and others; the surface of a lava stream cools and hardens quickly, presenting a cellulose structure, while below the heat is retained much longer and the rock when cooled is compact and columnar or crystalline; the largest recorded lava flow was from Skaptar Jökull, Iceland, in 1783.

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    The numerical value of LAVA in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

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    The numerical value of LAVA in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Doug Ferrari:

    MTV is the lava lamp of the 1980's.

  2. Lord Byron:

    Poetry is the lava of the imagination whose eruption prevents an earthquake.

  3. Lord Byron:

    [Poetry] is the lava of the imagination whose eruption prevents an earthquake.

  4. Mr Storm:

    I used a geology rock hammer to pull it out of the lava and thought it was a total loss.

  5. Anuj Somany:

    A person who has endured the insult for no fault of his own & remained silent for many years is just like a dormant volcano that can burst out with lava at any time.

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